The Q&A-driven fashion guide.

We all have questions about fashion. For example: what should I wear on a first date? How do I dress for an important interview while still looking unique? And what about some new ways to accessorise my favourite outfit?

Sometimes fashion can be rather confusing and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Our mission is to create a meeting place where people can exchange ideas and advice around fashion. We'd love to invite you to join in the discussion and get answers to your most immediate style needs.

How does it work?

In this very first beta version, you can ask your questions directly on the Ask page. We will then connect you with the right people to help you out. That content is produced by creators who are assigned and rewarded by us to answer your questions. If you would also like to create content on Itsapark, reach out to us at or join the ongoing discussion on our Instagram. This is only the beginning!

When will Itsapark launch in full?

2019 is our first year of development, and we hope you will join us for the ride. We are constantly evolving this space based on your input. If you have an idea and you think could make this place even better, please reach out to us at

If you’d like to know what we’re working on behind the scenes, check out these features we’re developing right now.

Why the name “Itsapark”?

We think of Itsapark as a meeting place where people grow, connect and discover new things.

Where are you based?

We're based in Berlin, Germany. Follow our social channels to stay updated about events and workshops we hold in our physical spaces, and learn how you can drop by if you're in town.

What’s your view on integrity and data?

Your integrity, our independence, and community-led Q&As are the foundation of Itsapark. We will never share, exchange, or sell your data or let brands or organisations influence questions, answers or recommendations on the site. All products featured in the answers are chosen by the content creators.

So, who are you?

We are a small group of creatives who see a need for people guiding and helping each other in the fashion world.

How can I contact you?

Do you have comments, questions, or ideas on how to make Itsapark even better? Drop us a line at

If you are a brand or press and would like to reach out to us, just send us an email at or

In case of any urgent inquiries you can also call us at +49 152 288 111 84.

Company information

Itsapark is a concept under the H&M group.

 H & M Hennes & Mauritz GBC AB

Mäster Samuelsgatan 46106 38 Stockholm 

SwedenCompanies register: Bolagsverket/Swedish Companies Registration Office

Company registration number: 556070-1715

Authorised representative: Karl-Johan Persson

VAT registration number: VAT NO. SE55607017150

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