About us

Better for you, and the planet.​

We believe everyone can live a more sustainable life. Yes, you too. Taking care of yourself and the planet can be easy, affordable and totally stylish. That’s where we come in.

Born and based in Berlin, Itsapark is a multi-brand platform that makes it easier to live a more sustainable life — with more good vibes, less rules, more style, less trends, more keep, less waste. ​ ​

We bring the hottest products — from fashion and lifestyle, to beauty and wellness — and make-life-easier services. Think vintage jeans that hug your butt just right, organic CBD oil, a motivational podcast, lil life accessories and even cute bike rentals in the future. 

So, take a look around, click what you love, read what you want, and only buy what you need.

PS We’re still in beta. Our approach is to always develop, learn and adapt by testing our betas together with our audience — meaning you. We’d love to hear what you think: hi@itsapark.com