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Good News: A Sustainable Beauty Edition Ft. Noto, L’Oréal, Weird Science & Us!

Hello and welcome to our weekly round-up of the news we’ve been busy reading. Here you’ll find all the hot goss from within the sustainability sphere, from collection drops to conscious commitments, and anything else that’ll help you look like a well-informed stylish person at the next dinner party. Ok, no promises, but here we go:

**Good News:** A Sustainable Beauty Edition Ft. Noto, L’Oréal, Weird Science & Us!

PSA: Noto Are Dropping A New Shade

If you’ve not yet heard about Noto, pls listen up! The brand is truly raising the bar for beauty brands who consider themselves ‘good’ — Noto is multi-use, unisex, and completely uncomplicated. They value minimal and high performance ingredients, activism through identity, as well as vegan and cruelty free ingredients. They ALSO value fresh colours, which brings us to the real news: Noto is launching a new shade of their highly appreciated two-in-one Colour and Glow. According to the brand, the new modern pink should “invoke the feels of romance from being touched by another or touched by self when expressing your identity.” It’s out Wednesday August 5 at and then at local markets like

Credit: @noto_botanics

Itsapark Goes Beauty!

We wouldn’t normally but ourselves front and center like this — but this is big, beautiful news for us. This week marks our first careful little steps into the world of sustainable beauty and wellness. After lots of research, that is still every day unfolding as the industry changes, we are so pleased to have a focus on organic, vegan and less waste products that will make us feel L-O-V-E-L-Y! From now on, you can discover cool and clean beauty and wellness brands with us, as well as learn how the brands you already love are shifting their focus to do better. Big mood.

Credit: @champagnemani

L’Oréal Pledges To Be Totally Sustainable By 2030

Big news, you guys. Huge! The world’s largest beauty company L’Oréal has recently shared it’s plan to become a more sustainable beauty brand by 2030. The company’s new program 'L’Oréal For The Future' will focus on keeping in line with “planetary boundaries”. “Over the past decade, we have profoundly transformed our company, putting sustainability at the very core of our business model," confirms L’Oréal's chief corporate responsibility officer, Alexandra Palt. "With our new commitments, we are entering a new phase of acceleration of that transformation: going beyond our direct environmental impact, helping consumers to make more sustainable choices, as well as generating positive social and environmental contribution.” The company will look at plastic use, labelling, water use, recycling and charity. For all of the info, hit

Credit: @loreal

Grown-To-Order Face Masks? Yep, That’s A Thing!

UK-based wellness brand Haeckels has just launched a grown-to-order face mask which we promise is way less gruesome than it sounds. It’s called a Bio Restore Membrane, and it is designed to be completely zero waste. HOW?! The masks are made of a really really hydrating jellied seaweed substance (agar), which is blended with soothing aloe vera and plumping hyaluronic acid. The all-natural concoction is left to grow for three weeks, and then sent out in a very environmentally friendly package of 18. And yes — after you order it, you can track its life. Basically a Tamagotchi that will make you look cute. For more info, go to

Credit: @haeckels

What Even Is Blue Beauty?

Ocean water does wonders for our skin, and our health overall. But our beauty products? Not the best for the ocean. “Every year, 8m metric tonnes of plastic enters our oceans on top of the estimated 150m metric tonnes that currently circulate in marine environments,” Sarah Jay, the creator of ‘Toxic Beauty’ (2019), told Vogue last week. And that’s just the pollution caused by plastic. Jay’s documentary highlights the effects of our beauty industry on marine wildlife in order to spread awareness in the industry. And it’s working: we’ve recently seen multiple ‘blue beauty’ brands emerging on the market with more sustainable ways of developing product and packaging. There’s Biossance, who grow a plant-based alternative to shark-sourced squalane, and Ren, who make packaging from plastics recycled from the oceans — as well as a variety of other brands tackling the issues of microbead pollution or reef-damaging sunscreen. Now it’s our turn to embrace these brands, support their business and, ultimately, use our buying power to cause real change within the industry.

Credit: @renskincare
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Making a difference usually starts with ourselves — one part of which can be beauty that’s just as good to us as it is to the environment. From fake freckles to natural cleansers and even empowering scents, we’ve found the cleanest beauty options that are second only to bare skin.

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