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Good News: Souvenir Protects Peace, Gucci Goes Off the Grid, Sellpy Hits Germany & Lots More

Hello and welcome to our weekly round-up of the news we’ve been busy reading. Here you’ll find all the hot goss from within the sustainability sphere, from collection drops to conscious commitments, and anything else that’ll help you look like a well-informed stylish person at the next dinner party. Ok, no promises, but here we go:

**Good News**: Souvenir Protects Peace, Gucci Goes Off the Grid, Sellpy Hits Germany & Lots More

Gucci Commits to a Circular Future with New Capsule

Circularity in fashion is exactly that — a situation where garments and the materials they’re made out can keep going round and round and round, broken down, recycled and reformed into something new. Official brand of baroque punk excess Gucci have just made a decent step in minimising their environmental impact, with the ‘Off the Grid’ capsule. The unisex collection is made from organic, recycled, or bio-based materials, and is part of a larger project called Gucci Circular Lines, which will focus on minimising the brand’s use of new raw materials. Check the first ‘Off the Grid’ collection at

Credit: Gucci

Berlin Brand Souvenir Launches ‘Eunify, Protect Peace’

Remember those blue sweaters with prints of the European flag? They’re back — but this time in pastel shades. The Berlin-based brand Souvenir just launched a new collection encouraging us all to become activists and stand up for diversity and equality. Titled and printed with ‘Be Proud. Protect Peace’, the pieces allow us to send a message against discrimination as well as donate to a good cause: 10% of all proceeds go to, the only humanitarian aid organisation currently present in the de facto autonomous Rojava, North Syria. Plus: All pieces are made of 100% cotton, dyed with non-toxic, plant-based pigments and produced in Portugal. Shop at

Credit: Souvenir

Online Secondhand Store Sellpy Launches in Germany

Put your hand up if you’ve got a bag full of clothing that you’ve been planning to sell for months/years. Same here. So lucky then that the Swedish online secondhand store Sellpy — who do literally all of the hard work for you — has just arrived in Germany. *Collective squeal*. The company handles everything, from picking up the pieces, to photographing, selling and shipping. All you have to do is answer the door and watch the euros roll in. Get going at

Credit: Sellpy
Filippa K

Filippa K Launches the Recycled Swimwear of Your Minimalist Dreams

Minimal style meets minimal impact: Filippa K, the Swedish brand championing mindful consumption, just updated their swimwear line to feature halterneck designs inspired by surfers (and reminiscent of ‘Baywatch’), perfect poolside colours like pastel pink, sunny yellow and sleek mauve, and the carefree option to mix and match the styles to your heart’s content. Surfing, poolside, carefree … that’s our summer holiday vibe right there. But what really makes our hearts fly (or take the eurorail) is that all pieces are made from recycled polyamide jersey and include sunscreen and chlorine resistance to make them especially durable — no matter your vacation plans. Shop at

Credit: Filippa K
Ethical Fashion Initiative

The Ethical Fashion Initiative Launches Fab New Podcast

Not so interested in reading? No problems. Two very clever people — Simone Cipriani, who is a UN officer and manager of the Ethical Fashion Initiative, and Clare Press, who is Vogue magazine’s first ever sustainability editor and founder of the ‘Wardrobe Crisis’ podcast — have teamed up to beam ethical fashion information straight through your ears and into your brain. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Listen to the ‘Ethical Fashion’ podcast at

Credit: Ethical Fashion Initiative