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Good News: Paper Bottega Veneta, Undyed New Balance, Sustainable Fashion Breakthroughs and More!

Hello and welcome to our weekly round-up of the news we’ve been busy reading. Here you’ll find all the hot goss from within the sustainability sphere, from collection drops to conscious commitments, and anything else that’ll help you look like a well-informed stylish person at the next dinner party. Ok, no promises, but here we go:

**Good News:** Paper Bottega Veneta, Undyed New Balance, Sustainable Fashion Breakthroughs and More!

Welcome to Tommy Hilfiger's Sustainability Vision

Tommy Hilfiger has just announced its ambitious sustainability goals. The brand’s ‘Make it Possible’ program sets 24 targets to be reached by 2030 — which includes fully circular collections — and approaches sustainability from both an environmental and social perspective. This means focusing on circularity and inclusivity, by creating fashion that ‘Wastes Nothing and Welcomes All.’ The program comes after the brand’s ‘Adaptive’ launch (made for adults and children with disabilities) and the ‘Fashion Frontier Challenge’ which promoted inclusivity and sustainability in fashion through business development solutions. To see more about their commitments for the next decade, head to

Credit: @tommyhilfiger

New Balance Have An 'Undyed' Sneaker On The Way

New Balance went back to the ’70s for their retro 327 silhouette, and now they’ve gone back to basics with a refreshing (and more sustainable!) undyed version. It comes as a clean and simple nod to heritage fashion, but the sustainable twist feels super modern. Without any pigmentation, the production process uses less water, energy and waste — and the shoe becomes a neutral, hardworking staple, fit for a wide range of wardrobes. Shop the natural beauty at

Credit: @newbalancelifestyle

Scientists Are Growing Colourful Cotton​

​The smart people at Australia’s national science agency CSIRO have kicked a major goal for sustainable fashion — they’re growing coloured cotton. While regular cotton is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, it still goes through a hefty dying process before being turned into garments, which uses lots of resources and leaves behind a lot of waste. Textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of water, globally. CSIRO has been able to genetically modify cotton to make it naturally colored, and they’ve bread naturally black cotton — a huge step as, according to ABC Landline, black dyes are the most polluting of textile colours. Go team!

Credit: @csirogram

Bottega Veneta Launches 100% Recycled Paper Bags and We Stan?

The most popular bag of 2020 is now available in 100% recycled paper. Bottega Veneta presented their first collection of FSC certified bags with its Fall/Winter 2020-2021 pre-collection. Titled ‘Kraft’, the bags are charmingly crumpled in appearance, a crafty sense of naiveté, but subtly innovative in that they’re rendered waterproof with an aliphatic polyurethane and a microfiber fabric. Majority of the bags in the collection feature a magnetic frame and are lined with calf leather — so they aren’t vegan or low-carbon alternatives, but rather a first commercial step in using circular materials. Plus, we never thought we’d find ourselves ‘needing’ a paper bag. But here we are perusing

Credit: @bottegaveneta