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6 Sustainable Brands That Are Making Our Lives So Comfy And Cool

As the late-summer heatwave comes to a slow and sleepy close, we’ve found ourselves fantasising about being comfy and cool. But in 2020, the year of mandatory loungewear, comfort has all of a sudden become… confusing, conflicting, conditional? And so, we set out to find a handful of brands who’re creating great things that make us feel some kind of way: chill. Rest assured they’re all using better materials and focusing their brain power on sustainable solutions.

6 **Sustainable Brands** That Are Making Our Lives So Comfy And Cool


We can’t stop talking about this brand! Multi-use, unisex, and completely uncomplicated; vegan and cruelty-free, minimal and high performance ingredients. We love Noto! Their ‘Multi Benne’ stain stick is a must for anyone who likes putting things on their face. But, do also seek out their ‘Resurface Scrub’ — which will get rid of dead skin cells and yesterday’s problems. Then, try the ‘Agender Oil’. It’s a perfume and hair oil in one, that’ll hydrate with its organic hemp seed oil, and gently waft vetiver and lavender into your airways every time you move.

Credit: @noto_botanics


Pangaia are on a mission to save the world, and we’re not speaking in hyperbole here. The “materials science company”, who make the swaggiest sweats on Instagram, use as many sustainable and recycled elements as possible to create clothing that suits our basic needs. Straight from the horse's mouth: “The range uses bio-based, recycled fibres and materials made from recycled plastic bottles. We combine natural botanical dyes made from natural sources such as plants, with innovative antibacterial peppermint to stay fresh for longer.” Very cool. Also, right now, specifically, the brand is using their power to protect and preserve honey bees.

Credit: @thepangaia


What do Rihanna, Cara Delevigne and Selena Gomez have in common? Profound. The brand launched in 2008 and has continued to create a particularly slick version of streetwear that remains uncompromised by hype culture. Since the street is their influence, it makes perfect sense that they’d create facemasks for our current and future climate. Built from the same type of good-looking fabrics you’d see in their collection, their reusable masks mean way less waste in waters from disposable versions — plus they’re making sure that portions of their sales go to @rescueorg (a COVID-19 fund to assist refugee families in overpopulated, often neglected areas), local mask donation funds to assist healthcare workers, and of course paying their team who make the masks. Along with masks, they’ve produced filter replacements and very cool storage pouches to keep things clean.

Credit: @profoundco


Stojo is fighting the good fight. Their mission is to end disposable cup culture, and they’re doing it with the coolest looking, monochromatic, foldable, leak-proof drinking accessories that we have ever laid eyes on. Available in four different sized cups, one drink bottle, and MANY pastel colours (which will play some role in our next manicure), Stojo cups are made from the world’s safest silicones. What?! Yep! Their food-grade silicone is LFGB Certified — that’s a European safety standard that’s way more bossy than the FDA. In their own words, they’re making products “that bring more to life than what they take away.” So true!

Credit: @stojo


Full disclosure: we discovered Cariuma through our internet style icon @Champagnemani. Forever a beacon of good taste and chill attitude — anything the likes, we love, marry and spend our lives growing old with. Our affair with Cariuma in particular is a strong one, since the brand was dreamt up by a couple of outdoorsy Brazillian guys who know that the true answer to sustainable fashion is quality over quantity. They use rapid self-regenerated bamboo, natural rubber, organic cotton, cork, recycled PET and many more sustainable material alternatives. And what they create is classic, comfortable, wear-with-everything sneakers. And their latest collaboration with Pantone? *Chef kisses*

Credit: @cariuma

Studio Arhoj

If your immediate surroundings are feeling a lil lonely, hit up Studio Arhoj. They make arty ceramics with more personality than you can poke a stick at. Whether you’re in the market for a coffee mug so cute it’ll be your reason for getting out of bed; or a ripply statement vase with gloopy hypnotic glaze; or a small sculpture with kind eyes to keep you company — Arhoj have got you. Made in Copenhagen with human hands, the studio mainly produces two collections per year. When they need more hands, they outsource locally to skilled potters who work nearby. Family vibes.

Credit: @studioarhoj