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6 Sustainable Collections Channeling Summer Holiday Energy

The beginning of the summer can often trigger an instant and insatiable need for new clothes. We get it. It’s hard to resist! After all, there are lake hangouts to be had, road trips to be made and potentially even new cities to be explored — and, of course, we’d kinda like a different outfit for each. That’s why, while planning our next summer holiday (and the vibe we’d like to channel), we also spent some time researching collections that have a more sustainable approach. We found denim that saves and protects our water, vegan sandals that are produced by hand in small batches, as well as affordable slip dresses made of 100% silk. BRB, adding all of these to cart.

6 **Sustainable Collections** Channeling Summer Holiday Energy


Summer holiday vibes? Check. Sustainable approach? Double check. The just-launched summer collection of British highstreet brand Kitri not only makes us dream of day trips to the countryside, it also helps us take care of Mother Nature. Each piece is made to order, which means less clothing waste and less unsold deadstock. The collection features puff sleeve mini and midi dresses in bright colours and prints but we especially love the blouses — just pair with jeans and a cute sandal (see below for options!) and you’re ready to go.

From Future

If the image below doesn’t depict your ultimate summer goals, you’re lying. (But if you have an even better idea, pls share!) And what better item of clothing to throw on while luxuriating on a sun-soaked balcony than anything made from 100% silk? An easy wrap dress or a spaghetti strap slip perhaps? And what if we told you the natural materials were also sustainably sourced? Goals, indeed.


We’ll spare you the ‘Aloha, cute sandals!’ joke and get right to the point: these strappy sandals, perfect for any and all balmy summer night plans, are produced on demand (which, as you remember, eliminates deadstock) by hand in Spain. Plus: Alohas also offer a variety of completely vegan styles. Now that’s what we call a first step in minimising our footprint (sorry).

Conscious Collection

Oops! Technically not a new brand — you’re probably familiar with H&M, but did you know their Conscious Collection had such big dress energy? What’s more: Each of these puff-sleeved beauties is either made of organic cotton or made from recycled polyester. So, let’s make that a ‘big sustainable dress energy’ instead.


Honestly, Boyish is our new brand crush. First of all, just look at these easy summer denim cuts: your classic jean jacket in fun colours, a perfectly frayed jean skirt, a jean dress! Secondly, they’re all made from recycled or organic cotton, without toxic dyes and with a water-saving process. Plus (yes, there’s more): They have an extensive deep-dive section on their website where you can read up on all of their different movements towards a more sustainable approach, which we just couldn’t fit into this little text box.

Stine Goya

Danish maximalism but make it sustainable. Last year, print pro Stine Goya went full-force towards sustainability and started launching collections made from, for example, recycled polyester and EcoVero — a natural viscose alternative. But our favourite Dane also knows that taking care of our existing wardrobe is important. That’s why she offers a full garment care guide on her website, where you can learn how to wash, dry and repair, for maximum longevity.