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11 Sustainably Focused Swimwear Labels Making Waves Right Now

Close your eyes and imagine plunging into a crystal-clear body of water — now imagine that your choice of swimwear actually influenced that water’s clarity. Unbelievable, right? Wrong! Right now, all across the world, innovative labels are creating magical swimsuits out of plastic debris that has been rescued from the ocean. Some other labels are focusing their sustainable efforts on things like super local production, to minimise their carbon footprint and improve the quality of their designs, and a handful of designers have committed to small product runs and flexible sizing to reduce the waste that comes with unsold garments. What’s so satisfying is that none of these brands have sacrificed individual style and completely aspirational brand identity. Sustainable swimwear is so hot right now!

11 **Sustainably Focused Swimwear** Labels Making Waves Right Now


Why: Every piece of Londre swimwear is made from post-consumer fibers, primarily discarded water bottles. The label also uses this neat eco-friendly fiber called ‘chitosante’, which is crushed up shells that come as a byproduct of the shellfish industry — it has anti-bacterial and odour resistant properties, how cool is that? The resulting material is compression fabric, too, so the fit will be smooth and controlled. The vibe is minimal but not too minimal — a reliable, seasonal colour palette, super flatter cuts, just enough gathered or tied details to feel special. To top it all off, pieces are packed with biodegradable and recycled materials. Size range: XS–XXL. How much: Separates start at 47€, one-pieces start at 90€

Credit: @londrebodywear


Why: ACK describes itself as “100 percent ethical”. This is because all of their products are made by a small family-run businesses in Italy using locally-sourced materials. And, since they produce everything by hand, they have total control over their manufacturing and waste. They can also make sure the craftsmanship on their pastel tiger print bikinis, metallic disco one-pieces, and straps studded with eyelets, is solid gold. All while having a smaller impact on the planet. The impact they’ll have on your bod, though? Big mood! Size range: XS-XL. How much: 120-430€

Credit: @ack_work

Hunza G

Why: Aside from the fact that Hunza G is the brand responsible for *that* incredible one-piece Julia Roberts wore in ‘Pretty Woman’, and the fact that the label’s relaunch is arguably the reason crinkly swimwear is so hot right now, we’re obsessed with Hunza G for their especially local process. Each piece is hand-finished and made to order in the UK, which limits dead-stock fabric and unsold finished garments. With any remaining fabric, they resourcefully produce small run-off quantities of very cute headbands and scrunchies. Also, the brand has a one-size stance, which is not only inclusive but also means there’s less of a chance your favourite retailer will over-purchase sizes. And just when you think it couldn’t get more clever, the label offers a six month warranty and will repair any potential problems that arise in your suit’s first summer. How cool! Size range: one size fits XS-L. How much: 150-160€

Credit: @hunza.g


Why: Ayla makes their swimwear from 78% Econyl, which is the go-to fabric for lots of sustainably focused swim brands. Old fishing nets, carpets and plastics are repurposed to make super sweet swimwear with ditsy prints, shirred panels and lil frills. The label also makes chic cover-ups, for those moments spent away from the water, like in the fish and chips line. Consider the sarong, made with a sustainable fabric created from a by-product of the cotton process called Cupro. Or high-waist shorts and trousers made from Tencel™, which is recyclable and biodegradable because it comes from ethically sourced wood pulp. Genius. Size range: S-XL. How much: 69-103€

Credit: @ayla.swim


Why: Everything is made using about 65% Econyl — that’s that regenerated nylon that takes plastics and turns them into fantastics — and woven in a mill in Italy just two hours from their factory, helping to keep their carbon footprint small. They’ve also partnered with Healthy Seas, who are the ones responsible for removing nets from the oceans, which are then turned into Fisch’s so cool swimwear — swimwear that we are very tempted to wear as clothes btw. Size range: XS-L. How much: 100-250€

Credit: @fisch.swim


Why: Sunny brand Bower makes swimwear perfect for the girl who stacks shelves with interesting ceramics and carries citrus in a string bag. You know her. Their pieces are created from Econyl, printed by local suppliers and finished in Italy. The hardware is made using 24-karat gold-plated metal, very classy, and the brand produces the collections in small quantities in order to minimise waste. Also! They have partnered with Healthy Seas, donating 1% of every sale. Size range: XS-XL. How much: 75-230€

Credit: @bowerswimwear


Why: Reformation is on the Econyl tip, too. Their swimwear sits at 78% regenerated nylon, and is perfectly suited for the pool-side minimalist — clean and classic shapes are interrupted only for contemporary flourishes like halter necks, low scoop backs, and asymmetrical neck lines. The brand acknowledges, too, the microfibers that can be shed from the synthetic materials (like swimwear!) when washing. To help minimise the shedding, they conveniently sell Guppyfriend wash bags right there on the site. Size range: XS-XL. Price: 72-150€

Credit: @reformation


Why: If you’re looking for timelessness and affordability, Ohoy is such a good find. All pieces in the collections are made with 78% recycled nylon, from — you guessed it — fishing nets collected from the sea. They’re committed to using regenerated fabrics for linings, too. Their colour palette is one to fall in love with forever — deep ocean blues, rich terracottas, sage greens, all of those grounding, earthly tones. Also partnering with Healthy Seas, 1% of every purchase is donated. Earthly indeed. Size range: S-XL. How much: 45-70€

Credit: @ohoyswim


Why: Forever the easiest brand to shop from, Weekday makes all of their swimwear from recycled polyamide and recycled polyester, which is sourced mostly from plastic bottles and manufacturing waste. So good. The cuts are simple, and the colour selection endless enough to do mix-and-match but tight enough to not spiral. Plus, when you’re not feeling the colour combo anymore, you can take it back to store to be recycled again. Smooth! Size range: XS-XL. How much: 10-30€, with a 3-for-2 deal bonus.

Credit: @weekday


Why: If you miss walkmans, love Sade and wouldn’t mind spending summer in a post-modern beach hut, this is your brand. Their fabric is sourced from an Italian mill and made from 100% regenerated materials — via ocean waste and pre-consumer waste. The final form, an Ookiah swimsuit, is just fab. The label nails modern simplicity with little nostalgic twists — high cut bottoms with rings at the hips, overall-inspired metal closures, contrast piping reminiscent of retro gym shorts. Bonus: one of their goals is to completely eliminate plastics from their footprint over the next two years. Size range: XS-XL. How much: 49-98€

Credit: @ookioh


Why: With a collection inspired by our favourite lady of all, Mother Earth, it makes sense that Aya are sustainably focused. The brand produces easy to wear swimwear, with fomo-inducing campaign imagery for fans of @gisposable. Aya have adopted Econyl, of course, and donate a percentage of profits to environmental organisations that protect oceans. They also make cute tees from 60% recycled organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester, and all of their packaging is recycled and biodegradable. Size range: XS-L. How much: 45-88€

Credit: @aya.label