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These 6 Indie Wellness Brands Are Full of Positive Vibes

How are you doing, loves? Are you alright? Just checking in with you — this situation is putting a strain on all of us. Now more than ever, it’s important to really be aware of your thoughts and feelings and to stay present in the moment. One thing that can help with that: the grounding bliss of me time. Did you know that treating yourself works even better when it involves supporting small, local (Berlin, in our case), female-led businesses that are making a change in the world? Yes? Well, here’s a list of six of those brands to support while you do you.

These 6 Indie **Wellness Brands** Are Full of Positive Vibes

Lovely Day

What they’re about: Think of a perfect day. Does it include slathering on plant-based skincare, enriched with active ingredients? Probably! Lovely Day is a skincare brand that develops and produces all of its creams, gels, masks, sprays, oils and elixirs by hand — and ships them off in beautiful eco-conscious packaging. If that’s not enough to make your day, we don’t know what will. | What to get: From dry to combination, Lovely Day caters to any skin type. Especially hyped is their Hyaluron & Bloom series, combining natural raspberry and rose hip with hyaluronic acid booster Phytospherix, that’s proven to trigger the production of elastin, collagen and, well, hyaluronic acid in your skin. | Bonus: You can get 2ml samples of any product to test it out for as little as 3€.

Credit: @lovely_day


What they’re about: If you ask their Instagram followers for the best thing about Gitti, no one seems to be able to decide on just one. Vegan, water-based and odorless polishes; easy application and a long-lasting professional look; vibrant colours and overall good vibes altogether seem to make the secret glossy blend of reasons to love this nail polish brand. Our contribution to the list? Their inspiring social media content had us scrolling for hours, until we couldn’t bear to stare at our un-manicured thumbs any longer. | What to get: May we suggest trendy pink, classic fiery red or a mix of sorbet colours? | Bonus: You can also get them in a two-polish starter duo (alongside their 2-in-1 top and base coat) or in a little collection of four, which also makes a great gift.

Credit: @gittiberlin

Fine Cosmetic

What they’re about: You may not have considered deodorant as particularly glamorous up until this point — but guess what? This one’s not only making sure you stay fresh throughout the day, it’ll also be the most beautiful addition to your top shelf. If that’s not reason enough to drop any shameful feelings when you sneakily reapply this on your way to the gals after work, Fine’s deodorant is also 100% vegan, made from natural ingredients and without preservatives, synthetic colouring or fragrances, AND it’s free of aluminium salts. Anything else we need to add? We think not. | What to get: Vetiver Geranium is their signature unisex scent. If you love woody and citrus-y smells, try Cedar Bergamot or go for Minty Something for ultimate freshness. No need for fragrance? Senza comes free of oils, odor and sodium carbonate. | Bonus: The deodorants come either in a cream or a stick format; for all creams you can choose to get the more sustainable option of a glass container.

Credit: @fine_cosmetic_official

The Female Company

What they’re about: You can’t begin to talk about wellness until you’ve touched upon the most basic of female needs — and no brand has talked about it as openly and radically as The Female Company. Founded with the mission to break the taboo around all things periods, the business now offers a variety of essentials, all produced from organic cotton and without the use of chemicals and pesticides. Seems like that should be an industry standard? How about the fact that tampons are taxed as luxury products? Follow them on Instagram to find out more about how you can help change that. | What to get: The Female Company offers a variety of different products to match any of your period needs in a flexible subscription format, whether that’s tampons, napkins, cups or underwear. | Bonus: If you’re a tampon kind of gal, you can test them for 2€ before starting your subscription.

Credit: @thefemalecompany


What they’re about: The good old bar of soap is definitely underrated, especially when you consider these colourful ones by Binuyo. The soaps are 100% natural, vegan and made in small batches — in the founder’s words, “the most colourful way to care for the earth, your skin and mind.” And did you know that Binuyo means ‘it is soap’ in Korean? | What to get: One of each, please! Don’t make us choose between all the different colours and patterns. | Bonus: You can support Binuyo’s quest for an online shop via their Startnext campaign, where you can also get shampoo bars, disinfection sprays and vouchers.

Credit: @binuyo_berlin


What they’re about: We’ve all had that cosy wave of nostalgia wash over us when catching a whiff of the smells of our childhood — whether that’s Grandma’s lavender scent sachets, freshly cut grass in our backyard, or the crisp buttery smell of blueberry pancakes. Or is that just us? Scents, their effects and the memories attached to them, are highly individual. So, why do we all buy the same mass-produced fragrances without thinking to even check ingredients? Apotheke is a young brand from Berlin that’s helping us make sense of it all — with perfumes made of essential oils, chosen based on their effect on our mood and mindset. What to get: Apotheke is a bit like your favourite curated online shop — everything is good. If you’re in Berlin, make sure to book a personal scent consultation and explore your perfume personality with the founder herself. In the meantime enjoy the triple (anti-)threat of palo santo, WFH focus spray and anti-anxiety oil. Bonus: With all shops being closed, Apotheke has been offering a contactless curb-side pickup, check the Instagram for opening hours before you stop by.

Credit: @apothekeperfume