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How to Rewear Your Activewear As Actual Fashion

It might not be every day that you work out (and that’s ok!) but it could be every day that you wear your workout gear as fashion. The potential in a pair of performance leggings should earn them a slot in your weekly rotation; the boldness that comes with rocking a one-piece to brunch (soon!) should be experienced by everyone at least twice; and the unbelievable versatility of the sports short is about to swing them into top position for 2020 summer essentials. How? We’re glad you asked. Because we’ve built nine outfits based on the activewear we may or may not be neglecting right now.

How to **Rewear Your Activewear** As Actual Fashion

Cycling Shorts

These babies have been in your fashion repertoire for a hot minute, predominantly paired with an oversized blazer. This season, take a softer approach with a matching bandeau, a light transeasonal cardi, and fine jewellery. Pull it together with a pastel bag, and you’re set.

Cropped Leggings

Leggings that crop just under the knee aren’t just practical summer activewear, but a staple in any minimal glam wardrobe. Don’t underestimate their power to pull a look together, which could be credited to their almost ’50s charm. Always pair with a mule or strappy sandal to elongate the leg and offset the sports vibe, and keep the rest of the look simple — a classic tank, and a structured blazer when you head out.


So you shelled out on some tech sneakers but haven’t quite managed to fall in love with running? No problem! Just pair them with a basic slip, your favourite mini bag, rectangle sunnies and, most importantly, up the glam with go-to gold jewellery. Now that’s love.

Performance One-Piece

A bold purchase, yes, but don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t given it the wear it deserves. Pairing something figure-hugging with a boxy blazer is a no brainer, so why should styling your one-piece any different? Add a cross-body bag to hold it all together, matching leather slides, and go!


While sweatpants were once reserved for that sprint between gym and home (or that meander from couch to kitchen), they are now actual fashion. You’ve seen them paired with boots and trenches all winter long, but what does a summer refresh look like? Think crop tops, denim jackets, canvas trainers and a trusty cross-body. Add a scrunchie to the wrist for additional femme.


Hear us out for one second while we talk about repurposing an old hoodie for summer: hoodie as a dress. That’s right, we’re going full Ariana on this one, and pairing our oversized hoodie with those knee-high boots we didn’t get to wear enough of over the last few months. Pants? Thank u, next. Add just enough bling to make you feel dressed, like your favourite gold chains. Ponytail optional.

Performance Leggings

Your legs look amazing in performance leggings, so why reserve them for workouts only? Take them out in a pair of minimalist strappy heels, a knotted tee and your boxy blazer. Take the proportion play a little further with a puffy, oversized clutch.

Sports Bra

Sports bras are the perfect crop tops, with inbuilt support and a design focused on comfort. They also have this androgenous feel that’s hard to find among the mostly-girly looking bra tops. So, of course, you’re going to pair them with a mid-rise trouser and a long-line unbuttoned jacket. Keep the Helmut Lang vibes going with a 90s leather shoulder bag and classic black frames.

Sporty Shorts

Fashion loves a contrast, as you can see above, and in the humble opinion of this website, summer’s favourite contrast is going to be sport shorts with nice tops. It’s comfy, cool, girly-but-not, and, with lots of us spending summer in the city, the climate control fabric technology is music to our ears. So pair those gym shorts with your frilliest top, delicate chains and the sporty kind of sandals that feel right on the footpath.
The Look

Work It Out

Sun’s out, buns out! There’s no better way to embrace warmer weather, than by pounding that pavement in your best Sporty Spice look. And you’ll never regret investing in activewear — if you look and feel the part, the race is half won.

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