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9 Ways To Wear Blazers All Summer Long

You heard it here first: Blazers are the new summer jackets. What were the old summer jackets, you ask? Who knows? Who cares! As far as we're concerned, we‘re just delighted about having found an item of clothing that will offer just the right amount of warmth (from barely at high heat to positively cozy at night) and coverage (from subtle add-on to main attraction), while also effortlessly completing any look. No, seriously, watch our favourite Insta style crushes style blazers with anything from bra tops and flares to skirts and dresses and, yes, even workout gear — providing us with 9 trailblazing outfit recipes to follow this summer.

9 Ways To Wear **Blazers** All Summer Long

With a Bra Top

Jeans and a blazer is your go-to uniform? Hot weather’s no reason to stray from what you feel most comfortable in. Just update your combo by adding an airy bandeau, crop, bra or tank top and open sandals. Easy. And breezy.

With a Print

When in doubt, choose print. Cos this velvet-y blazer might read festive winter attire at first glance but can easily spell S-U-M-M-E-R when paired with flowy print trousers and a sleek corset top. Look at you, lil spelling bee.

As a Summer Suit

What makes a suit a summer suit? Look for easy fabrics (linen or cotton keep you cool), light or bright colours (to reflect the sun), and oversized, flowy cuts (allowing a steady airflow). Best example: @dolce_masha’s cool, calm, collected head-to-toe ensemble (literally, look at the matching white scrunchie!).

With Your Workout Set

Got your yoga class at 9 but a brunch date at 11? Go for versatile essentials that jump easily from casual to chic (cycling shorts and sneakers) and upgrade them with a beautiful silk blazer. Not as brave as @anjaliumohan to go topless? Your favourite sports bra is here to cover and support — physically and mentally.

As a Dress

Contrary to popular belief, the best thing about boxy oversized blazers isn’t that they make us feel strong and powerful — although that’s a close runner-up — it’s that they easily double as a dress: Literally just add chunky boots and gold jewellery and don’t add anything else (unless you don’t trust your local wind force, then add cycling shorts).

With a Maxi Skirt

Like the aforementioned jeans-and-blazer combo but with more leg room (and thus increased possibility for air circulation). We love @thelanguageofyolande’s choice of robust denim but also consider a flowy floral, OTT tiered or easy wrap skirt for carefree and stylish cross-legged sitting at the park.


We admit: Dressing head-to-toe in one colour has no proven impact on an outfit’s hot weather wearability. But it does drastically cut down the time you need to get ready — since you’re just picking a colour and running with it — and TBH, that’s the only fact we need this summer.

As a Short Suit

Fun fact: You don’t actually need to buy a set to try the short suit look. If you’ve got the blazer, just get similar Bermuda shorts — the result will reveal a lot more personality than the matchy-matchy alternative. And a fun personality at that.

With a Dress

Here we have the perfect outfit for those days you leave the house in the morning without real plans and definitely no curfew (a.k.a. the best days): a dress paired with a linen blazer. It means light protection from the sun at mid-day, an easy carry in the afternoon and a welcomed cover-up on mild summer nights.