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7 Lingerie Brands That Are Championing Body Positivity

We’ve just made the most remarkable discovery: cleaning out your underwear drawer will literally change your life. No more rifling through what feels like the sale bin at our local thrift shop, no more worn out pieces reserved for laundry emergencies, no more uncomfortable lacey thongs that remind us of our exes (this can’t be just us). These past weeks have shown us that our spaces have a real effect on us — and decluttering them can actually change our mood. So, why not start with the most frequently accessed drawer in our closet (we should hope)? If you need a lil more motivation to get started, here are 7 lingerie brands we can’t wait to stock up on now.

7 **Lingerie Brands** That Are Championing Body Positivity

Lonely Lingerie

Why: Because they were practically the first. The New Zealand-based brand revolutionised the market in 2009 by asking a simple question: But what do women actually want to wear? Their lingerie is the answer: Beautiful, intricate designs that defy body shape, size and age — or, as Lonely Lingerie likes to put it, are a love letter to ourselves. Love. The facts: Sizes range from 8A to 16E or XS to XL. Bras start at 60€ and undies at 36€.

Credit: @lonelylingerie

Erlich Textil

Why: Because they nail German understated quality. The brand’s name Erlich comes from the German word for ‘honest’ and tbh that’s exactly what they are: transparent, down-to-earth, genuine. They pride themselves on a fair production of only natural, renewable, recycled, or organic fabrics, a timeless design that will last you ages and a short supply chain that gets their basics to you straight from the EU-based factories. Honestly, sold. The facts: Their bras are available from sizes 34 to 42 for as little as 25€, their undies go up to a size 46 and start at 15€.

Credit: @erlich_textil

Dora Larsen

Why: Because did ‘I Want Candy’ by Bow Wow Wow, particularly the version backdropped by Sofia Coppola’s ‘Marie Antoinette’, pop into your head when you saw this pic? No? Just us? Anyway, all our underwear drawers deserve a little pop of colour. And Dora Larsen just does it so well: From shell pink to snorkel blue, the colours are made uniquely for the brand and combined in beautifully unexpected ways that Marie Antoinette would be gushing over. So are we, in case you hadn’t noticed. The facts: For underwires, sizes go from 32A to 38C, for bralettes it’s XS to L. Bras start at around 60€, undies at 36€.

Credit: @doralarsenlingerie

The Nude Label

Why: Because it’s like a trip to Spain — but, like, every day. Don’t we all deserve a holiday right about now? This lingerie looks (colorful yet minimal design) and feels (soft organic cotton) like 10 days in Valencia full of late breakfasts on our balcony, soaking in the sun at the beach and shamelessly indulging in horchatas and fartons whenever we feel like it. What’s just as dreamy is their local and family-run production without the use of pesticides, chemicals or toxic dyes. *cue Madonna’s ‘Holiday’* The facts: All sizes go from XS to XL; bras start at 42€ and undies at 15€.

Credit: @thenudelabel

Softandwet Undies

Why: Because you’re going to be seeing them all over Instagram. Trust us, you want to get in on Softandwet Undies asap: The brand just launched in 2019 and we’ve already spotted the romantic ruffles — handmade from Italian silk — on a handful of lingerie early adopters on our grid. Follow them on Instagram to know when their production reopens and, in the meantime, practice your staycation selfie poses. May we suggest an homage to Italian Renaissance paintings of women luxuriating on their day beds? The facts: Softandwet currently offers two different sets in sizes S to XL but the design is stretchable. Bras start at 60€ and undies at 55€.

Credit: @softandwetundies

Lara Intimates

Why: Because no other lingerie brand truly gets as intimate as this one. Lara Intimates not only boasts the world’s largest size range (um, wow), they also produce all of their lingerie from deadstock fabric, with a zero-waste policy and in an all-female factory in London. And as if that weren’t enough (it totally was), their size guide also changes lives: Check their Instagram for all the customer stories about finally finding the right bra size after years of back pain and ill-fitting underwires. The facts: As mentioned, Lara Intimates’ sizes range from 55A all the way to 80GG (in British sizing); their bras start at 54€ and undies at 22€.

Credit: @laraintimates

Moons and Junes

Why: Because you should never have to apologise for your body. Next to their universally flattering shapes, fun colours and soft and comfortable designs, the Copenhagen-based brand also takes a clear stance — and invites us to join in. With Bits and Boobs, a gallery where women can upload unretouched images of their chest area, we all can participate in normalising different bodies, shapes and sizes. You in? The facts: Sizing ranges from Small to Large bust, plus you can see all styles photographed on diverse models. Bras start at 60€, undies at 40€.

Credit: @moonsandjunesofficial