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7 Glam Outfit Ideas, Just Because

Contrary to popular belief, you actually don’t need a reason to get dressed up — all you need is a mood and full commitment to run with it. How? So easy! First, identify the vibe you’d like to channel. And we urge you to be as vague as ‘playful and daring’ or as specific as ‘Britney at the 2001 AMAs’. Next, pick one item of clothing that’s going to set the mood, then just add accessories that either reel it in or go the extra mile. Congrats! You’ve got yourself dressed and it’s an outfit that not only acts as a mood catalyst, but that also facilitates bomb selfies. If you got stuck at identifying the vibe and, as a result, are still horizontal in your sweats, here are 7 very hot outfits to get inspired by — courtesy of our favourite glam girls on Instagram. Now go and go all out, you know, just because.

7 **Glam Outfit Ideas**, Just Because

Casual on Top, Party on the Bottom

Yep, that’s the sequin skirt that you didn’t know you needed but won’t be able to stop thinking about now (sorry). Because the skirt already sufficiently conveys your down-ness to party, keep the rest of the outfit simple. Because you’re totally chill, right? Go with a tank and matching strappy sandals, sunnies, and a statement bag, like this woven one.

Jeans and a Nice Top

Yes, the jeans-and-a-nice-top combo can be a mood, and incidentally it's the most loyal of them all: It will never let you down. Add a cheeky twist with cropped flare jeans that show off your ankles, on one of which you will place a very '90s bracelet, and a satin top that also flashes some skin. Finish off with mules.

The LBD With a Twist

There’s no classic quite like the little black dress — but even the most timeless of looks can benefit from the occasional upgrade. Give it a sexy twist by opting for spaghetti straps, adding sandals, some gold jewellery and… not much else, really.

The Adventurous Co-Ord

Try wearing a bright red matching co-ord and not look like you’re up for an adventure. Really, we dare you! This set combined with cool Vans says “I’m up for anything but I’m also going to look cute and be comfy while doing it” (whatever that may be).

Retro But Make It 2020

Any look that includes not one but four different decades, is sure to make a big impression: It’s got something for everyone! 50s fans love the cropped leggings, 60s vamps appreciate the Old Hollywood statement sunnies, 90s kids can’t get enough of the mules — and the satin top and zebra print teleport the whole outfit straight to 2020.

Britney at the 2001 AMAs

A truly iconic moment in fashion history that just so happens to be easily recreated: Literally just pile on the denim. We love this particular iteration, consisting of a denim corset, flares, a shoulder bag and jewellery. Britney would be proud.

The Show Stopper

Warning: You may not want to step out into traffic in this sparkly number. We really mean it, this one’s a show stopper. Choose sandals in a similar colour to your statement dress for a full-tonal effect, and add some intricate jewellery that draws onlookers in after recovering from the initial whiplash.
The Look

True Glam

Your social planner might be lacking a bit of pizazz rn, but that cold truth doesn’t always have to be evident in your outfits. Enter not-going-out-but-getting-dressed-anyway: a mood enhancer, a content facilitator, a reminder to yourself that you’re hot stuff.

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