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Introduce Sorbet Colours to Your Outfits, Scoop by Scoop

We’re bringing in ice cream (an instant mood lifter) to assist on introducing spring’s literal coolest trend: it's sorbet you guys!

Photo: Edward Berthelot via Getty Images
Introduce **Sorbet Colours** to Your Outfits, Scoop by Scoop

Just A Bite

So you’re standing at the counter confronted by too many choices: strawberry, cookies and cream, dulce de leche, rosemary honey lemon frozen yogurt, omg! So you need to chill, and taste just a bite. Same goes for introducing a new hue — start small with accessories, and build up to an easily integrated top or tee once you find your flavour. Absolute style icon Mary Leest has us ready to fall down a frosty lilac rabbit hole.

A Good Scoop

You’re committed, good for you! Sorbets have made their way into your wardrobe via statement pieces like this maxi dress worn by the ever-fresh Marta Cygan, and mid-season outerwear — but not to the point where you’ve over indulged. Congratulations on having discipline when it comes to ice cream.

Two Full Scoops

You know what you want and you’re not afraid to wear it. If in this case what you want is two full scoops of sorbet, rest assured it can easily be translated into fashion — we’ve come this far after all. Just like those delicious balls that sit on your cone, you’re going to put one on top of the other. Woman of our dreams Blanca Miró Scrimieri demonstrates this in the most classic way possible: double lemon.

Two Plus Toppings

If you’re following closely, you’ll know exactly what this means. Take your two scoop formula and add an accessory à la power woman Tamu Mcpherson. Like her, you’re basically ready to change your name to Sorbae.

The Whole Pint

Sometimes, no discipline looks and feels damn good. Like when you decide to eat/wear the whole pint. In fashion-speak, this is monochrome colour blocking. Look at our risky queen Sonia Lyson in head-to-toe sorbet — if we weren’t out here talking about frozen desserts we’d be screaming FIRE!

Sweet Sorbets

This season’s street style says spring’s literal coolest trend is sorbet. All you need to do is decide on a flavour.

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