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7 Catchy Ideas To Make Last Season’s Prints Feel Fresh Today

Full disclosure: in researching this piece, we may have discovered that all prints are always in style and therefore never really ‘last season’ as our original headline might imply. And yet, here we are, with fists full of vintage florals and various animal print, and a head full of large question marks when it comes to styling last season’s faves for right now. It’s not just us, right? Ok good, because we’ve just gathered all the inspo you’ll need to ride that leopard (print) into 2020 and beyond.

7 Catchy Ideas To Make Last Season’s **Prints** Feel Fresh Today

Daisy Print

It’s true, daisy print pops up every time the sun comes out but, in 2019, it had a real moment. Pull yours back into rotation by styling with a light knit vest, stacked statement jewellery, and hair pulled back in a low ballet bun. It’ll feel equal parts ’90s and now.


Statement gingham dresses filled our feeds with pastoral joy last year, worn mostly to special occasions like birthdays and weddings. This year, the gingham just hits different. The milkmaid energy shifts into something a little more relaxed — offset with a bucket hat, toned down with casual flip flops, and finished with at least two anklets to express just how ready to chill you are.

Leopard Print

You know that old saying about a leopard who can’t change his spots? Maybe that’s because he never had access to a fresh white tee. For real, the easiest way to refresh a print, or any favourite piece of clothing to be honest, is by styling it with bright whites. A little jewellery and a vintage Fendi mini bag won’t hurt either.

Python Print

If python print works for you, consider it a wardrobe staple. Like denim, white tanks, and vegan or pre-owned leather, a neutral python will go with anything, anytime. This year, you’ll want to keep it on the sporty side of sleek. Style with form-fitting pieces like a backless bodysuit, and elevate the glam with a padded bag and mules.

Vintage Floral

It’s a real wardrobe victory when you find a vintage floral print that stays in your rotation for years. Not only is it irreplaceable and unique, but it slips so easily into the just-add-jeans formula that every Sunday until September begs for. The right accessories will keep it 2020 — we’re thinking structured basket bags and Instagram’s current favourite chunky sandal.

Cow Print

There’s hot debate on our Slack whether cow print is last season or this season (see, prints are forever), but we’ve all agreed that they’re having another mooment. (Sorry). @thelanguageofyolande just gave us major confidence to wear our cow print tops with a denim maxi and flip flops. It’s yee-but not entirely-haw.


If you’ve got an old plaid shirt kicking around, courtesy of your teen grunge phase, consider bringing it into 2020 lady style à la @mikaelahallen. Pair with a contrasting plaid (another print would work here, too), unbutton to the belly and let a single chain fall off those collarbones. For those feeling less adventurous, a neon bra top would work well underneath.

Pretty in Prints

There’s a time and place for all-black-everything and summer might just not be it (but also, we can’t tell you what to do). Now it’s time to dress for the vacation you want: whether that’s urban safari, beach picnic or chillin’ at home, here are all the prints to match (or mismatch, there are no rules!).

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