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How to Shop and Style Chic Secondhand Pieces

If you don’t yet know the thrill of shopping secondhand, the uncharted territory can definitely feel daunting. Here, we want to introduce you to the current pieces that are so easy to find pre-loved, and even easier to style right the way into summer. Then we’ll help you prep your search terms (whether you’re looking IRL or online), steer you towards bargains, and set you up to style them to perfection. Let’s go!

How to Shop and Style Chic **Secondhand Pieces**

Slip Dress

Search tips: Slip dresses are a dime a dozen in any secondhand store. First call is identifying the length that you feel most comfortable in (mini, midi or long), and then making a call on colour or print — floral, paisley and animal are hits for 2020. Be sure to check the slip’s transparency, so you only get a see-through number if you want it. | Expected Price: Anywhere from 10€ to 150€, depending on the brand. | Styling Notes: Take it from bedroom to brunch (soon!) with a contrasting blazer, your fave mini bag and flat or mid-heel mules. In high summer, simply slip it on and go with a belt and minimal jewellery.

Silky Shirt

Search tips: Sourcing a silky number you’ll wear all season is as easy as naming your favourite colour. If your wardrobe is desperate for a pop of colour, go bold! Pinks, blues and oranges are sure hits for 2020. If you’ve already got a lot going on, a neutral will help pull things together. Size up for breezy vibes. | Expect to pay: 50€ is a good benchmark, but drift if you need to. | Styling notes: Unbuttoning from the bottom is this season’s styling crush — it works with mini shorts and maxi skirts alike. If you’re fantasising about holiday looks, go ahead and tie a big knot in front and slip on your favourite jeans. Either way, always add some gold jewellery to the neckline.

Boiler Suit

Search tips: Since this is a full-body situation, it’s very important to jot down your full body measurements. Save them somewhere on your desktop for easy reference now that you’re a secondhand queen. From there, you’ll want to search by fabric — are you denim, corduroy, cotton? Oh, maybe you’re silk! | Expected price: 80€ is a good starting point for something modern. | Styling notes: The great thing about boiler suits is that you barely have to style them. A minimal strappy sandal and matching belt takes it somewhere chic, whereas slip ons and a crossbody bag keep it caj.

Maxi Skirt

Search tips: A-line skirts, flamenco-style skirts, skirts with pleats, ruffles, and don’t forget the sexy side-splits. All of these are gonna be huge this season. And guess what? Vintage stores are jammed with them. Pick your flavour, refer to your favourite colours (go bold!) and get those measurements you noted down before. | Expected price: a miscellaneous vintage number can be picked up for about 20€, aim a couple of notches higher for a brand you love. | Styling notes: Bring it up to date with a bra top and blazer, or throw it on and go with a white tank and canvas sneakers. Easy.

Silk Scarf

Search tips: Vintage scarves are a good way for the non-committed type to dip a toe in the ’70s trend. The fabric is important: look for 100% silk, and then handwash, and iron it (go on, it will be worth the effort!). Try maxi-floral prints in bright jewel tones, and whip it out on a bad hair day. | Expected price: You can find these in the 5€ bin, or you can really invest in a heritage brand for close to 100€. | Styling tips: Celeb scarf icons to Google are Lauren Hill and Erykah Badu — if you are into the grandma-style, HRH The Queen and ASAP Rocky know what’s up.

Cowboy Boots

Search tips: Dolly Parton has given us so many great songs, but her biggest legacy? Cowboy boots. Vintage shops always have a few pairs that are much more interesting than anything you’ll get on the high street. Double check size and measurements — vintage can trick you sometimes. And get a clear indication on the condition of the sole, factoring in a re-sole to the overall price if necessary. Then dive into colour combinations that’ll make your current wardrobe shine. | Expected price: anything around the 100€ mark is ideal. | Styling notes: Let your boots do the talking and wear with something minimal: cycling shorts and a blazer, that slip dress you just found, or loose trousers tucked in at the top for full 2020 energy.

Short Suit

Search tips: If you’re not quite convinced about the short suit, picking up a secondhand bargain via the trend’s first era is an affordable way to test drive it. The '80s did it quite well in neutrals, bold colours and novelty prints. Don’t be afraid to size up if you want to relax the prep. | Expected price: 80€ to 250€, depending on the brand and if you're mixing and matching. But remember, you’re getting two pieces here. | Styling notes: mini bag, white tank, and your favourite sandals. The shorts suit works hard for you.