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Here Are 8 Genius Ways to Re-Wear a Pre-Loved Silk Scarf

Silk scarves are definitely a thing. But have you noticed all the kinds of different things people have been doing with theirs lately? And by ‘different things’ we mean creative styling options that go way beyond a bad hair day cover-up. If you’ve thus far only considered them a tool for keeping your neck nice and warm (or your hair in check while on a wild convertible ride), it’s now time to hone your wrapping, folding and tying skills. Because we‘ve rounded up our favourite unexpected silk scarf styling opportunities spotted on Instagram (and put together a selection of pre-owned options below!), so you can get started on putting a bow on it — ‘it’ being your beautiful self, of course.

Here Are 8 Genius Ways to Re-Wear a **Pre-Loved Silk Scarf**

Like a Headband

Perfect for when you love a good ‘70s vibe and also haven’t washed your hair in a while (and ‘a while’ is definitely open for interpretation here). You’ll want to go for a long, rectangular silk scarf, rather than a square, and fold it to your desired width. Drape around your head and secure with a knot around your bun. If you feel it slipping, add bobby pins along the bottom for extra support.

Credit: @nicole_huisman

Like a Scrunchie

The easiest way to go from a messy messy bun to a put-together messy bun? Just tie it all together with a silk scarf. Here’s the step-by-step: fold your square silk scarf in half (so that it becomes a triangle) and tie around your bun or ponytail twice. Depending on the thickness of your hair, it helps to tie it with an actual elastic first. Then fluff up the ends and finish off with as much gold jewellery as you like (meaning: a lot).

Credit: @elisebak

Like a Fancy Bun

Like the headband but tied on top — which makes it a bit more tricky since the bow is out in (not so) plain sight. First-timers might want to start with a square scarf that’s folded in half and knotted twice at the top of the head. More advanced wrappers could opt for a rectangular scarf that’s folded until it’s at a desired width, then wrapped around the head, crossed over on top and then wrapped and knotted AGAIN around the bun. Phew. Either option will definitely need a good amount of bobby pins to secure.

Credit: @miloutjioe

Like a Bandeau Top

Consider this the sartorial equivalent of the no make-up make-up look if you were to use only one product. It exudes an effortless energy that can only be matched by your mood on summer weekend mornings — and it’s also quite easy to achieve: Fold your silk scarf in half and either 1) bend your torso slightly to tie in the back, or 2) get a friend to tie it for you, or 3) actually tie in the front and then slide the knot to the back. If you do need a bit more support (don’t we all?), wear a bandeau bra or bikini top underneath — neutral colours and a thin width work best.

Credit: @fiahamelijnck

Like a Bandana

This look is making all of our ‘90s dreams come true. Fold your square silk scarf in half and lay it on top of your head, so that the long end faces forward. Take a quick moment to laugh at how silly you look, then carry on. Quickly flatten the scarf around the shape of your head, then pull the sides to the back and tie a knot on top of the pointy end facing down in the back. Lil tip: It helps to pull the scarf quit low onto your forehead at first and then readjusting once everything is tied together.

Credit: @amaka.hamelijnck

Like a Front-Tie Top

Remember the time when RiRi quickly knotted her Hermès scarf around her boobs when she forgot to bring her bikini top? Iconic — and just the energy we’re channeling with this simple front-tie top: Fold your square silk scarf in half, so it’s triangle-shaped. Wrap around your torso and tie the pointy ends with a double knot in the front. Tuck the extra fabric under in the back. If you’re not quite ready to rock this all on its own (we totally get it), a lightweight blazer is the perfect companion.

Credit: @zoehtq

Like a Bag Upgrade

Tying a printed silk scarf to your bag is the foolproof way of adding a colour pop to your outfit. Why? There are no rules! Take whichever scarf you have, tie a bow around the straps of your favourite mini, basket or it-bag and — that’s it. Well done.

Credit: @fannyekstrand

Like a Wrap Top

We could all use a little J.Lo moment every now and then — especially if it’s this simple to recreate (and it don’t cost a thing): Take a longer, rectangular silk scarf and lay it on your neck, evening out both ends in front of you. Place one end over the other and wrap them around to the back, tying a bow (this would be a good moment to get a friend to help out). Also make sure to play with how tight you need it in order to cover and support your boobs.

Credit: @dolce_masha