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Got Street Cred? 8 Key Items for a Sporty Capsule

There’s a bit of a hype bae in all of us. You know that little voice that always pushes us to pick the comfiest option in our wardrobes (it’s a short sweatsuit set, by the way, and we’ve included it below) — even though we don’t always give in to it? That’s her. The indescribable urge to layer on at least 3 gold necklaces but more like 3 gold necklaces, hoops, all the rings and flashy nail art to match? Her. The speed at which we click on yet another exclusive collab release? Definitely her. But don’t get it twisted: You absolutely don’t need to buy into every new drop or spend your rent on a pre-owned Fendi baguette to build outfits with serious street cred. All you need is a few key pieces and the right attitude. Here are some examples for both:

Got Street Cred? 8 Key Items for a **Sporty Capsule**

Shirt Dress

The look that says ‘I don’t subscribe to conventional rules of business and I’m definitely not here for corporate dress codes — but I still mean business.’ It’s the outfit for anyone who considers the world their office or, you know, would rather spend their mornings keeping up with the current rather than wondering what to wear. Whether you opt for an oversized men’s shirt or go for an actual shirt dress (that might feature a waist-accentuating cut), pair with an iconic clutch, box-fresh white sneakers, a gold chain and perhaps, if you live in a particularly windy place, some neutral cycling shorts underneath.

Second Skin Top

Gotcha! You thought streetwear was all about ‘baggy’ and ‘oversized’ (and we’ll get to that in a minute, don’t worry) but the style’s also got a thing for playing with proportions — and playing up your best assets. Take @amaka.hamelijnck’s quite minimalist rendition of a sporty everyday look: She’s paired a second skin top that shows off her arms and waist with cycling shorts that also accentuate her legs and bum, and then added tiny lil sunnies, a vintage scarf, a gold chain and chunky sneakers to take the whole look from ‘gym’ to ‘street’. TL;DR: wear whatever you feel bomb in.

Lil Sweat Set

We know for a fact that everyone needs a short sweat set. Let us cite our sources: literally this look by @tugba_kement. Not to mention the vows of at least 3 different members of our editorial team to buy whatever she’s wearing, feverishly sent the second this pic got shared in our Slack channel. If you’d like to join the team, we’ve also conveniently rounded up her dad sneakers, oval sunnies and pendant jewellery to go with this impeccably matched turquoise top and bottoms. Welcome, fam.

Bandeau Top

Question: Is there anything cooler than a bandeau top? You’ve basically wrapped yourself in a piece of fabric, stepped out into the world and asked what’s up. Talk about effortless. However, if you are a bit more high maintenance than a basic tube top might suggest (so are we, it’s totally fine), you can orchestrate a veritable sartorial feast like @elbavdh’s by adding matching trousers, stacked necklaces and rings and sporty sandals.

Baggy Trousers

See? We said we’d touch upon ‘baggy’ eventually. And this look also happens to be a prime example of playing with proportions. While you could pair an oversized t-shirt with baggy trousers like these, @chanelmckinsie went for a crop top that shows off her midriff — thus accentuating her figure, even though she’s clad in clothes she could fit twice in. And that’s the whole vibe. And we’re here for it.

Dad Jeans

Your jeans and a nice top combo — but make it street. That means: go for high-waisted straight dad jeans, add a silky satin cami (pop of colour appreciated) plus casual chunky sneakers. Pendant necklace and shoulder bag optional (but not really). That’s it. Wow, we really wish we could put a fire emoji here.


Yep, high-tops are back. Besides the fact that they give any outfit an air of city adventure (in these you can be up for anything, any time), sneakers have become the new collector’s items dominating the resell market. So, wear your hi-tops with anything — for example, with a tank and white flares like @michellefleur — take care of them religiously, and then sell to get a pair of fresh new kicks whenever you feel like it. (Or keep ‘em in your collection to watch the value skyrocket.)

Boxy Blazer

Somewhere on this website we’ve already talked about why you should wear a blazer all summer long and we clearly still stand by that. (For anyone who didn’t read the article: it’s because they elevate any look and also happen to be the perfect jacket for weird summer weathers anywhere between a heat wave and a thunderstorm.) If you’d like your blazer look to take a clear streetwear stance, make sure you go for neutral colours, a size up and a boxy cut — and then pair with a sports bra, trousers, white sneakers and a mini bag.