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A Veritable Outfit Extravaganza of 12 Looks Feat. Summer Co-ords

Welcome back to our highly acclaimed test drive column wherein we try things on for you. This week it's all about co-ords and finding the answer to the age-old fashion question: do I really need this? TL;DR: yes! But allow us to go on. Co-ords are especially subjective to cost-per-wear maths because they provide endless outfit options (as a set + each piece individually x number of items currently in your wardrobe = the limit does not exist). Here, our Fashion Editor Kim picked up 6 co-ords and documented her extensive outfit research for you in full detail — concluding that co-ords are rewear royalty, of whose kingdom you can be queen. That is to say, they are not one of those purchases that will lurk at the back of your wardrobe with tags still shamefully attached.

A Veritable Outfit Extravaganza of 12 Looks Feat. **Summer Co-ords**

The Skirt Suit

Inspired by: Cher Horowitz in Clueless, duh. Perfect for: Shopping sprees, going back to the office, or anything that requires the energy of a power suit to get you through. Styling Notes: As much as I love Cher’s transparent shirt and knee-high socks in the scene where she finally realises she’s in love with (spoiler alert) Josh, I decided to keep the rest of the outfit a bit more simple with a black t-shirt, loafers and nylon socks.

Also Try:

As you can see above, you can totally wear this exact outfit without the jacket, too. And the jacket? Is a lovely pop of colour on a white dress, like this puffy babydoll. I love the play of volume created by the jacket seam hitting just where the dress starts to really poof up. I feel like candy, which is always an admirable outfit goal IMO.

The Silk Pyjama

Inspired by: Has anyone ever noticed that Audrey Hepburn always has an iconic sleepwear moment in each of her films? Her silk pyjama in Charade inspired me to get this one from Arket during self-isolation. Perfect for: Home office, Sunday strolls around the neighbourhood, girls’ night at a friend’s apartment. Styling Notes: If you, like me, love your pyjama too much to just wear it under the sheets, just add more ‘serious’ elements to pull the look together. Here I added mules, a shoulder bag and statement earrings.

Also Try:

I love that the shirt without the pants is just a cute silk shirt that goes with anything, like this denim skirt and heels, and I’ll definitely wear these pants with an oversized chunky sweater and sneakers come fall.

The Faux Playsuit

Inspired by: Spanish flamenco dancers. Right?? Perfect for: Afternoons at the park, a bike tour, a date, ... Styling Notes: I mean, the sleeves obviously speak for themselves but I also love that the black colour made this faux playsuit a bit more sleek and suitable for evening activities.

Also Try:

I can’t wait to wear this top with my favourite wide leg jeans and strappy sandals (so French!) and am also pretty happy about the effortless black trousers joining my weekly repertoire.

The 3-for-2 Dress

Inspired by: That scene in Killing Eve (you know which one). Perfect for: Literally anything! I never want to take this off again. Styling Notes: I loved how my black bra peeked through the top, so I decided to match it with some chunky flat sandals and built a contrast to the cute, flowy, very pink dress-that’s-not-a-dress. And my Paloma Wool mini bag fit the colour palette perfectly!

Also Try:

Again, this top would look cute with any type of jean or even a dress pant but I especially like it with some dungarees. Since the blouse is transparent, it's nice that the cut of the dungarees keeps all the important parts covered while still offering some cheeky see-through moments. The skirt, on the other hand, would really shine with a simple tank, crop or bandeau top and mules.

The Knit Suit

Inspired by: Gwyneth Paltrow. To be fair, I’ve never actually seen GP in one of these sets but somehow it just seems like something she would wear, no? Alternatively: Katie Holmes’ cashmere bra and cardi combi. Perfect for: Going to the market, movie night, online DIY class, possibly even yoga? Styling Notes: I couldn’t resist breaking the luxe summer knit feel with some chunky sneakers, colourful socks and denim workwear jacket.

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I love the bermuda length of the shorts, which to me are basically a fancy version of cycling shorts. That's why I wore them with a colourful button up I got off Imparfaite (which my boyfriend lovingly calls the circus tent), strappy sandals and a cute lil basket. The top is the perfect summer knit top that could hold its own with literally anything but especially a mini skirt and sneakers.

The All-Out Babydoll Set

Inspired by: Baby’s first picnic? Perfect for: Picnics (obviously) and generally any occasion where you’d want to make a big impression. Styling Notes: I think it’s safe to say I went all out here — babydoll, shorts, hat (!) and cowboy boots (!!). Go big or go home, you know?

Also Try:

For a bit less ‘giant toddler’ vibe, I scaled back the look by ditching everything but the shorts and sneakers — and adding sleek elements: a black leather blazer (in high summer linen would be fab) and a black tank.