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The 6 Insta Saves Helping Us Imagine Our Summer Wardrobes

Anyone else beginning to know their apartments and all their tiny nooks and crannies to the point where they’re sure they could get around blind-folded? While it really gets us thinking about ways to renovate or upgrade our homes, it also makes us retreat more and more to our screens for a little sartorial stimulation. We’ve spent the weekend going through our endless Instagram saves of past runway collections, art that moves us, iconic celebrity throwbacks, places ‘we’d rather be’ — and discovered: 1) Anything can be inspiration for your summer look if you’re brave enough. 2) Sometimes you just need a couple of add-ons to invigorate your existing wardrobe for the new season. So, here are our summer vibes, what’s yours?

The 6 Insta Saves Helping Us Imagine Our **Summer Wardrobes**

Boss Minimalism

“My kind of minimalism: Less fuss, more boss.” — Alice (Fashion Editor)

A Picturesque Beach Stroll

“My vibe for the summer is the bourgeois extravagance that is bringing along a parasol on your walk at the beach (and also using the word ‘parasol’). That and flowy gowns paired with Converse à la Sofia Coppola.” — Kim (Fashion Editor)

Summer Elevation

“Every time this image pops up on my feed I immediately double tap. What's more to hope for in summer than air conditioned shopping centers, basket bags and bright yellow swimsuits. Delicious!” — Hayley (Fashion Editor)

Summer Goth

“I refuse the idea of wearing black exclusively in winter — I love that in summer my goth vibe builds a stark contrast to the sunny and bright world around me. Plus: I get to continue wearing my faves all year round.” — Nina (Fashion Editor)

Day Dream Dresses

“I don’t just want to wear dresses this summer, I want to LIVE in them. Slip dresses are so easy to wear — and to dress up or down.” — Selin (Content Coordinator)

The Smell of Oranges

”This vintage editorial makes me think of those ridiculous shoes you pick up in a market on vacation, and only wear that holiday, but can't bear to throw away, and the smell of the oranges, and her bare neck, and everything else that is a million miles away from my desk right now.” — Jess (Fashion Editor)
This Is It

Summer Daze

Now is the perfect time to collect small additions that speak to your summer dreams. From shell jewellery to straw bags, we’ve found the most cheerful warm weather tokens for under 40€.

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