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5 Outfit Ideas for When the Weather Can’t Decide for You

Opening up a weather app is usually the first step to a successful outfit. But what to do when sunny mornings turn to afternoon thunder, or grey skies are matched with thick and sticky winds, and even the very idea of getting dressed triggers a warm wave of hot and bothered-ness? The only thing you can do: submit. Also, opt for fabrics that breathe with you, shapes that at least sort of move around you, and looks that are so fire any minor moments of discomfort will be totally worth it. For example:

5 **Outfit Ideas** for When the Weather Can’t Decide for You

Slip Skirt and Knotted Organic Tank

Is it scientifically proven yet that the simple act of knotting a tank top immediately cools one down? It should be. Pair one of those with a slip skirt — 100% silk if you’d like to hit the lightweight, breathable, recyclable trifecta — and do exactly as insta beauty @chanelmckinsie does: oval sunglasses, a fine chain necklace, stacked bracelets and a handbag that’ll take you from morning coffee to dinner with bae without breaking a sweat.

DIY Scarf Top and Cut-Off Denim

Ladies, cast your eyes on the outfit formula of the season courtesy of our girl @marianame. A bandeau fashioned from a pre-loved silk scarf, thrashed denim cut-offs, tie up sandals and a sufficiently citrusy mini bag. Not only is it perfectly suited to imperfect weather, but it’s also relatively perfect for our environment: every piece pictured is an easy score at your favourite vintage shop.

Leather Bermudas and a Lil Cotton Crop

Leather in summer seems crazy but hear us out because it’s actually crazy-cute. @emmanuellek_ expertly pairs summer’s literal hottest item — leather Bermuda shorts — with a tiny lil cotton crop so cool it effectively counteracts leather-induced heat. Or maybe this is just one of those worth it moments, when you feel the weather is going to get the better of you regardless of your outfit. Just add headband, classic jewellery, and an unfussy sandal.

Lyocell Mini Dress and Knee-High Boots

Lyocell? Who is she? She’s a soft, absorbent and wrinkle resistant fabric who also happens to be a very sustainable option. If you’re saying yes to knee-high boots all year round (after spotting this pic of @oliviafaeh, we’re fully on board), then you’ll find sweet breezy relief in fabrics like Lyocell. Add cat-eye shades for extra cool, and you might as well throw in a pre-loved Prada nylon while you’re there.

Linen Trousers and a Bra Top

We stan a classy bra top moment and @mermaidsoulll is now officially the queen of that. Paired with a breathable high-waist linen trouser, and super elegant jewellery, we’re unsure why we haven’t worn this exact thing sooner. Perfect for a sunny brunch moment and no less ideal for your next balmy evening dinner party — just tuck a blazer under your arm in prep for a cool change.

A Cotton Muscle Tee and Cycling Shorts

If you’re a fan of the power woman suit (and a power woman like @karla_alajdi) but less fond of sweating through it, you’ll be glad to know that muscle tee’s now come with shoulder pads. So, while you’re crushing it in work/life, making slick moves and cutting cool deals, opt for this Insta fave in a breathable organic cotton. Pair with crease-resistant cycling shorts and the type of sandals that make you walk with purpose.