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Seamless Bum Sculpting Tights

1Affordable Leggings by H&M

Is it too early to say that these might be my favourite pair of leggings?! The material is definitely different than the others that I tried — they're more of a heavy/stretchy cotton, which feels great and is a fast-drying functional fabric. The fit is a super flattering high-waist, seamless situation, which makes me feel comfy as well as motivated during my yoga sesh. Also, I love the butt sculpting detail. Go for these leggings if you wanna flash that booty and spend more funds on the workout/classes than the actual outfit.

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EPIC LX - Leggings

2Sporty Neon Leggings by Nike

These leggings might be a bit loud for some, but man do I feel safe and seen on my night runs. My favourite part about these leggings is how they felt when putting them on — never have I felt something softer on my skin, like warm butter baby! They're high-waisted, made from Nike's breathable, fast-drying Dri-Fit, and they have a zip pocket in back for your keys. If you love a night run, go for these.

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Bar Down Leggings

3High End Leggings by P.E. Nation

The moment I put these leggings on, my housemate (who's a trainer/DJ) immediately commented on how cool they were. The nice design is definitely a drawcard for this pair, with sleek logo placemement, a slightly cropped length and high-waist fit, but they don’t stop there. The quality is excellent, AND they’re made from 78% premium recycled Italian polyamide. Go for these leggings if you want to look and feel like money.

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Compressive Stretch Leggings

4Feel Good Leggings by Girlfriend Collective

These leggings hit all the right spots. My fave thing about these babies is that they’re made from 79% recycled polyester (from water bottles!) and have a mid-weight compression fit. I also adore the high-waist and the variation this brand offers — you choose not just your size and colour, but you can also choose various lengths. The colour options are ever expanding, and make getting dressed for exercise feel fun. For a feel-good purchase, go for these.

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Compression Tights

5Versatile Leggings by Arket

These are the perfect pair of black leggings. Not only are they made from 71% recycled materials, but they're also super sleek looking. Honestly, I would incorporate them into my wardrobe as (gasp!) pants. Another added bonus is the zip pouch in back, making them the ultimate utilitarian pair of leggings. If you’re looking for a pair of less-fuss, less-waste, does-the-job-perfect leggings, go for these.