Being able to eat anywhere, anytime, from a handsome and sustainable container can’t just be a personal dream of ours? Can it? You’re right there with us on planet-friendly picnicking and aesthetically pleasing food storage à la a Kim Kardashian fridge tour, right? Ok phewf. Enter Mepal, they make things for the cupboard, the table, and the outside. Their bento lunchboxes are incred, as are the insulated flasks and fruit and veg pots that have an inbuilt colander. Talk about design! While helping you minimize single-use packaging, Mepal prides itself on durability, as well as the option of replacing lids and seals and other parts you might lose along the many years of use. Would it be too forward to ask Mepal to lunch and dinner on the same day? We don’t care! We love them!

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