Park Rules

It is Itsapark’s priority to ensure the safety of those who use its space to express their questions and answers. It is essential that the material posted is not potentially harmful or hurtful. For this reason, no content that violates these rules will be published:

Be kind - As a community, Itsapark is a safe space where people can confidently share their questions and answers. No place in the world should tolerate bullying, shaming or trolling and Itsapark is no different.

Be respectful - Always remember that there is another person on the other side of the screen. Racism, sexism and other types of discrimination will not be tolerated. Users who post sexually explicit, sexually suggestive, or pornographic comments or links will be banned from Itsapark.

Be honest - Trust builds communities. Sharing false or misleading information is strictly against the rules. Itsapark is a meeting place for people to access helpful guidance they can use in real life, and authenticity of that information is taken very seriously.

Be you - Itsapark is a place to be yourself, but you also literally need to be the only person using your account. Registering multiple accounts or impersonating other people is strictly prohibited.

Be of age - You must be 16 years old and above to create an account on Itsapark.

Be helpful - Weigh in on conversations with something smart, supportive, or helpful. Commenting with spam or links to irrelevant websites will be removed. Itsapark is a place for advice and guidance, not self-promotion. Stay on topic.

Itsapark moderators reserve the right to remove any user content or terminate the access of any user in its sole discretion if any behaviour violates these rules and regulations. Thank you for helping make Itsapark a safe and healthy community.

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