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Be True, Be You

Somewhere over the rainbow, there are some wonderful brands that use Pride Month not just to cast colours over their best-selling products but to redistribute their profits to organisations that benefit the LGBTQ+ community. Also, there are lots of incred brands owned by said community that you can shop with directly. And guess what? We found them.

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Pretty in Pre-Owned Prints

There’s a time and place for all-black-everything and summer might just not be it (but also, we can’t tell you what to do). Now it’s time to dress for the vacation you want: whether that’s urban safari, beach picnic or chillin’ at home, here are all the pre-owned prints to match (or mismatch, there are no rules!).

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Vacation Mode On

We all deserve a break (and by ‘we’ we mean ‘you, us and the environment’). So, from flowy lyocell dresses, bikinis made of recycled waste and sunglasses produced from natural wood pulp, consider this your ultimate sustainable summer holiday packing guide that puts our planet at the top of the list.

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Good Vibes Only

Seeking good vibes from pool to park and anywhere in between? We’ve got you. The edit below is a positively certified (resort-style) buffet of cool energy, summer optimism and materials that make our hearts happy.

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Feelin’ My Selfie

Maximum hours of sunlight mean maximum potential to take those fresh-faced, sunkissed summer selfies. But whether you’ll be taking a pic or not, these essentials add picture-perfect detail to your look:

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Classic Combos

Welcome to Summer Outfit Formulas 101! Today's lesson: classic combos that come together in seconds, take you from day to night all week and last you well beyond the summer (but let’s not think about that yet).

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Dressy Dresses

There are few feelings in the world greater than walking around in a fancy frock, even if (or especially if?) there’s nowhere to go. And that’s why we’re nudging you (with a volume sleeve-adorned elbow) into the edit below.

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True Glam

Your social planner might be lacking a bit of pizazz rn, but that cold truth doesn’t always have to be evident in your outfits. Enter not-going-out-but-getting-dressed-anyway: a mood enhancer, a content facilitator, a reminder to yourself that you’re hot stuff.

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Dive In

Sitting out in the sun (with SPF!) is not cancelled — whether that’s on your balcony or in the park around the corner. Here’s our selection of trending swimwear that’ll have you making waves this summer. Even if there’s no sea in sight.

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Romantic Picnic

Blanket? Check. Snacks? Double check. A look that will not only feel cute all afternoon at the park but also be comfy enough for any spontaneous city adventures? We got you:

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Pre-Owned Wardrobe

Set the foundation for a successful romantic wardrobe with a capsule of versatile essentials, found entirely pre-loved. Whether it’s shopped or swapped, it’ll forever be unique.

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Budget Friendly

Ready to Glow

Hello you! There’s no better time than now to kick start your summer glow up. Prep your bod, nails and face for instant feel good vibes with our pick of the shiniest, shimmeriest, glam girl beauty — all under 30€.

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Budget Friendly

Real Deal

Shopping pre-owned and past season is one of the most affordable ways to shop sustainably. But where do you start? Right here! Tap below for our fave places to grab a feel-good bargain, based on exactly what you’re looking for.

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Summer of Sustainability

This selection of our favourite summery brands ticks all our boxes by doing good inside and out (and all around). Tap below to explore beautiful designs with a sustainable focus, at very kind prices. So good!

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Modern Romance

Once the blossoms are out, even the most minimal dressers can’t help falling for a romantic gesture. Get ready to submit to all the feelings, and add a flurry of romance to your look.

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White Out

Dress like you’re going on holiday, even if you’re just sitting on your balcony, with this tidy edit of bright whites.

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Step into Summer

The weather is on the up, and so is our mood! Step into summer the right way by opening up your wardrobe to more open format footwear. We’ve narrowed down our fave styles, and the brands who do them best. Now go!

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Colour Boost

Put down the grey loungewear for just a second. Boost your mood (and your look) with a strong hit of colour via the casual pieces that are burning bright for us right now.

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Staycation Essentials

Stay home, stay comfy, stay cute. Here are our favourite little helpers for entering staycation mode — whether you’re chilling at home or hitting the park.

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Summer in the City

Spending summer in the city means embracing practical looks with a sporty edge — but that doesn’t mean boring! Stay cool when it’s hot, embrace your inner hype bae, and tap this fire curation of urban essentials.

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Summer Daze

Now is the perfect time to collect small additions that speak to your summer dreams. From shell jewellery to straw bags, we’ve found the most cheerful warm weather tokens for under 40€.

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Top Up

It’s time for the wardrobe change over! With the chunky knits packed away, you can now make space for a few of summer’s finest little jersey tops. There are so many good ones this season, tap on for our ‘top’ picks all under 30€.

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Summer Boss

There’s no better way to inspire purpose than donning an ’80s power woman outfit and stomping the footpath (or hallway, as it were). The decade of potential gets an update for summer, and we’ve selected the best bits.

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Utility Dressing

Functional summer clothing isn’t just about smart pockets and plain breathable fabrics — in 2020, utilitarian fashion has been touched by romance. Tailoring is soft, straw hats are big, and aviator sunglasses are back just in time for rides into the sunset.

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Pre-Owned Denim

Not just a wardrobe staple, but a best friend in fashion; denim has defined some of the most iconic looks since forever. Dip into decades past to find the piece that’ll make your future looks pop.

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Summer Feels

Summer is so close, we can almost touch it — literally — by way of the season’s obsession with good feeling fabrics like crinkled swim, lil broderie dresses and linen everything. Enter our shoppable selection of summer feels.

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Sustainable Material

Vegan Leather

Looking for something different? Here are the best leather alternatives from Insta faves like Nanushka, Vejas, Weekday and more.

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Sustainable Material

Organic Cotton Comfort

Whether you’re working from home, or home from work, you’d best slip into something a little more comfortable. And what could feel better than organic cotton?

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Self-Care Skincare

Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand, so take this alone time as a chance to really do you. Lather, rinse, reset.

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Work It Out

Sun’s out, buns out! There’s no better way to embrace warmer weather, than by pounding that pavement in your best Sporty Spice look. And you’ll never regret investing in activewear — if you look and feel the part, the race is half won.

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Sale Sneakers

Allow us to prep you to step into a footwear update, by way of the ultimate list of sneakers that are all on sale right now.

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Shades of Denim

When nothing is certain, choose denim — in every variaton from patchwork to ecru. Also you’d look amazing in that colourful organic situation.

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Summer Bottoms

Give your trousers a break with this leg-friendly edit of new summer bottoms. From a delirious offer of skirts and shorts, these are the shapes to invest in, and the labels who’re cutting them best.

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