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7 Jewellery Brands To Invest In For More Ethical Bling

Instant outfit updates have come in the shape of bling for centuries. While it’s no secret that a statement earring can take your jeans and tee from day to night in three seconds, it’s finding bling brands with a sustainable focus that’s a little more mysterious. So, as per usual, we’ve kicked off the work for you. Here are the 7 jewellery brands that are transforming our third-day-in-a-row loungewear from blah to yah-s by way of recycled elements, sustainably sourced materials, minimal waste, smart production — and, most importantly, by designs that we want to keep and wear forever.

7 **Jewellery Brands** To Invest In For More Ethical Bling


A delightful and eclectic little label, SVNR was “born from the union of ethics and aesthetics.” The colourful jewellery is made from found, re-used, up-cycled and natural materials. Pronounced ‘Souvenir’, that’s exactly what the pieces feel like: strings of memories and happiness.

Credit: @svnrshop


Every Daphine piece is handmade in their atelier in Jaipur, which they explain is “an Indian city known for its long history of skilled craftsmanship and design.” From there they can work directly with local artisans to keep the quality as high as possible, and reward them completely for their work. This is the first step for the brand in being able to offer honest pricing – which is their thing, together with ethical sourcing and sustainable production.

Credit: @daphine

Wolf Circus

Wolf Circus uses either recycled sterling silver or recycled bronze that is coated in a high grade 14k gold plating to make their covetable jewels. Everything is super well made and rather affordable, so the brand positions itself as “attainable luxury.” The label’s gorg glass hoops really speak to that.

Credit: @wolf_circus

Wald Berlin

This hidden gem is a favourite among Berlin babes. Everything is handmade in Germany by a collective of women and grandmothers who’d otherwise be unemployed. The label makes jewellery that is so fun and cute, but they take the environment very seriously. For instance, they work with biologists to make sure that the shells and corals used in pieces are ethically sourced.

Credit: @waldberlin

Laura Lombardi

Laura Lombardi works almost exclusively in raw or recycled metals. She references her background and interest in fine arts and sculpture to create super special jewellery. A fave of sustainability queen Emma Watson, Laura Lombardi is committed to minimising waste, up-cycling and letting the material itself inform the design.

Credit: @lauralombardi


Meadowlark are firmly aware that jewellery is a circular product: everything can and should be recycled into new pieces, so nothing ends up in landfill. They also make a lot of pieces to order, with traceable and responsibly sourced materials. And did we mention the pieces are absolutely (and timelessly!) beautiful?

Credit: @meadowlarkjewellery


An insta favourite for very good reason: many pieces include vintage and antique components, which have been curated and mended to create really magical jewellery. What’s more, the time spent working on each piece is indicated on product pages where possible — super special. The label also makes products beyond jewellery, for which they’ve committed to minimising waste and using recycled fur and leather with other vintage and artisanal bits. Though we have to admit, we mostly have heart eyes for the floral regalia — which feel as if they’ve been plucked from our childhood.