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How to Pull Off a Flawless Clothes Swap with Your Bestie

Alyssa and Gia are a pair of icons — the long-time BFFs are best known for serving good looks and heavy tunes as a model/DJ power duo. Right now, they’re itching to refresh their wardrobes for spring and summer. Relatable! To bypass buying something new, we challenged them to find three pieces of clothing they love but no longer wear, then deliver it to the other, to see if and how she could style it into a new life. Along the way, we picked up the blueprint for pulling off a clothing swap so flawless we’re thinking twice about paying full price this season. Here goes:

@alyssa_cor & @gia_escobar
How to Pull Off a Flawless **Clothes Swap** with Your Bestie


After you’ve text your bestie to confirm the swap, dig deep in your wardrobe and reach for the stuff that you haven’t worn in the last six months. Think about what she loves and feels good in, but don’t be afraid to give them what you think they need a bit more of. This is your chance to make her feel good too!

Credit: @gia_escobar


Make sure the garments are clean and ironed if necessary, the fold and pack them nicely — like a true gift. Add a personal note or anything to make it a little bit special, then hand deliver or pop it in the post.

Credit: @gia_escobar
@alyssa_cor & @gia_escobar


Do it together! Hit that video chat, because the best thing about gifting is seeing their face when they open it. Plus, you can be there for styling support and decide together whether to donate the bits that don’t fit.

Credit: @alyssa_cor & @gia_escobar

Wear and Share

Finally, you gotta enjoy your new look! Feel confident to brag about it — it’s the best way to fish for new swappers so you can keep the cycle going, and keep your wardrobe as fresh as ever.

Credit: @alyssa_cor

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