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How to Sell Your Clothes Online Like a Pro

If you’ve been waiting for a sign, consider this it: Yep, it's time to clean out your closet. Starting a new season with a clean slate and clear indication of what you really need is not only the most sustainable way to update your wardrobe (and one of the most cathartic experiences, TBH), it’s also an easy way to make some extra €€€ without a lot of work. That is, if you do it right. And that's why we’ve rounded up our editorial team’s best tips on how to sell your clothes online — fast.

How to **Sell Your Clothes Online** Like a Pro


Sure, we get it, you want to get rid of all of your worn-out tank tops. But being picky with your selection and curating your pieces carefully will make you look more put-together and professional as a seller and it'll enforce the 'only buy what you need' shopping habit in the future. You don’t have to only offer designer items, but you should go for pieces that are still in great condition and photograph well. A good rule of thumb is just checking in with yourself: would I actually consider buying this piece and (very importantly) pay shipping costs for it? Anything that doesn’t make the cut — yes, including those tanks — can easily be donated locally or swapped with friends.

Credit: @yin.stagram

Pics (or It Won't Happen)

Ok, you’ve got your bomb selection worthy of reselling. Now what? Arguably the most important part of any shopping experience are the product pics. So let’s start from the very beginning: we recommend washing and steaming or ironing your pieces to show them in their best light. Speaking of which, make sure your images are well lit in a nice setting. Why not lay them flat on a solid, white surface and add some decorations, like plants? Or hang them in front of your beautiful armoire or your French doors if you have them? You should also add pics of you modeling the pieces in an influencer-esque mirror pic — because you will definitely get tons of DMs asking for fit pics. Lastly, make sure you’re being upfront by taking close-ups of any potential imperfections to avoid disappointment (and negative reviews).

Credit: @karolinebeltner

Choose Your Platform

Technically, the perfect platform just comes down to your personal preference. But we did find some trends in what’s being offered on our favourite sites and apps, which can give you an idea of where to find your ideal customer. If you’re selling really high-end designer items that might even have somewhat of a collectible value, Vestiaire Collective or Rebelle are a perfect match. For entry-level designer or mid-range high street pieces, Sellpy or Kleiderkreisel are the way to go. For your own creations, upcycled treasures or novelty items, try Depop or Etsy. Also: don’t forget the good old flea market around the corner if you you’re determined to get a couple of quid for your lower-priced high street pieces.

Credit: @maxdounat

Do Your Research

Presentation is everything. Offering a ton of product information helps buyers find your items with specific searches and makes you easily more trustworthy, which also allows you to ask for higher prices. So, write a nice description including any and all info you can find: the model name or number, the composition details, the original price, technical details like the heel length or inseam measurements of jeans. Add your personal measurements (bust, waist, hip, shoulders, legs, shoe size, all depending on your item) to give your buyers a better idea of the fit. Pro tip: Do your research on selling peaks. If you upload your swimsuits and dresses in the beginning of summer or your jeans and coats at the beginning of autumn — aka when people are looking for these items — it will increase your chances of a quick sell.

Credit: @stephaniebroek

Know Your Worth

You’re worthy of everything, queen. Your pre-loved pieces? Maybe not — no matter how many positive memories they bring up for you. Obviously don’t sell yourself short, but try to be realistic with your asking price. Most platforms help you out with pricing, offering insight into other similar pieces and their value on the site. Use that as a starting point and gauge the lowest amount you’d still be happy with. Is a 5€ win worth going to the post office? Up to you. Whatever price you land on with that, add another 20-30% buffer for markdowns and negotiations.

Credit: @claudiabhimra

Ship It

Phew, you’ve made it this far! Now don’t let any unnecessary annoyances get in the way of you and your new side hustle money. For example: Pick your preferred shipping service based on what’s near your apartment. Trust us, you’ll thank us every single time you don’t have to schlepp eight boxes halfway across the city. Start saving newspapers and boxes from your own purchases, break them down and stash them somewhere — ready for you to ship anything anywhere spontaneously. And if you’re going for those 5-star reviews, definitely include a little thank you note. One last piece of advice: Ship. It. ASAP. After all, no one likes waiting for a new vintage treasure. :)

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