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The 5 New Minimalist Brands to Stan — According to @sasha.mei

Mostly classic and minimalist with a chance of colourful, vintage-inspired twists — Insta muse @sasha.mei shows us that it doesn’t have to be all grey skies (aka clean cuts and neutral colours) to keep your wardrobe minimal and sustainable. Unless that’s what you’re into, of course. Sasha’s got a not-so-secret talent for finding the secondhand treasures that serve her guilt-free style experimentations, but also trusts in smaller local brands that are making a sustainable effort via natural and recycled fabrics. Responsible consumption, we stan! Now, join us in humming ‘Here Comes the Sun’ as Sasha introduces us to her current fave brands and delivers a literal downpour of styling insights.

The 5 New **Minimalist Brands** to Stan — According to @sasha.mei

Q: What are your current fave brands for minimalist wardrobe staples?

Credit: @sasha.mei


“Totême are my favourite for staples. I love each and every one of my pieces — each has the capacity to transform even the simplest of outfits into something elegant and put-together.”

Paloma Wool

“My style is classic and minimal most of the time, but I do love the occasional colourful, vintage-inspired look. When I’m looking for something colourful and fun, Paloma Wool is my go-to. I love their playful style and eclectic aesthetic.”

Silk Laundry

“Silk Laundry is based in Montreal and has really lovely silk pieces that I live in during the summer, and layer with a sweater during colder seasons.”

Q: What do you focus on when shopping or finding new brands?

“I try to shop vintage or secondhand as much as possible. I pay attention to quality and material; what the piece is made of says so much about how long it will last in your closet. I try buying 100% natural fibres where I can. I would like to see more brands be transparent about their manufacturing processes and where their raw materials are sourced. As a consumer I am working towards putting effort and time into learning as much about where I put my money.”

Credit: @sasha.mei