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Outfit Ideas: 5 Easy Minimalist Looks We’re Wearing Everywhere

Things are heating up where you are? No problem: We’ve found the five easiest minimalist looks that don’t feature summer’s hottest accessory (breaking a sweat) and matched them with our favourite summer activities. Whether it’s keeping the air flow going despite a dress code or bracing yourself against a sunburn at your curbside brunch, we — and our go-to minimalist Insta faves — have got you covered (in nothing but remarkably breathable fabrics).

Outfit Ideas: 5 **Easy Minimalist** Looks We’re Wearing Everywhere

For Work

Okay, so maybe you gotta go back to work. To an actual office. With a dress code. We feel you. But even AC-free buildings (looking at you, Germany) have got nothing on the ultimate wardrobe staple: the crisp, breezy shirt dress. Preferably made of lyocell or linen, and optionally even maxi-length, it keeps you professional and fresh (profreshional?) at the same time.

For Weekend Strolls

Spontaneous, easy and flexible: all attributes that not only describe our weekend plans but also the outfit we’d want to wear for them. A bra-top-and-denim-shorts combo works in all different colourways, to any and all informal occasions, and comes together in seconds. Make sure you go for breathable cotton for both — and then figure out how to get as close to a beach as possible.

For Brunch

We know. Eating poached eggs outside — on a sidewalk that feels hot enough to be able to cook said eggs — can put a serious damper on the lil fashion show you were planning for your return to brunch dates. But if you trust in wide linen pants, an equally wide-brimmed hat and an exposed collarbone, you can look cool and stay cool, too.

For a Date

While we’re sure your (soon-to-be) significant other won’t care about potential sweat stains on your back, going for something thin, flowy and spaghetti-strapped is always a good idea. But watch out: Bad-weather friend satin could actually make you feel hotter than you already are — to play it cool, choose natural silk or linen instead.