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4 Cute Outfit Ideas You Can Totally Bike In

Now that you’re likely spending time reworking your wardrobe for spring, it’s time to think bikes. But don’t think too hard! Because we’ve already found some formulas, based on stuff we’re pretty sure you already own, to help you master the art of cute outfits you can bike in.

Photo: Christian Vierig via Getty Images
4 **Cute Outfit Ideas** You Can Totally **Bike In**

Bike Shorts, Who Knew?

Bike shorts for biking? Groundbreaking. But get a load of how they’ll still look good even after you’ve chained up your bike and walked away. Pair with statement boots and literally any old oversized white shirt knotted at the front. For a good vibe, add sporty but fashiony sunglasses, which are super easy to find secondhand. Bonus points if you tie dye an old pair of shorts.

Double Denim Protection

Emma Mattson is giving us major inspo right now, not just by way the yogi and lifestyle blogger’s ‘gram but also with her cycling style. She opts for double denim, which is practical yet so spunky when paired with a vintage roll neck sweater and those glorious silver ankle booties. Pro tip: these silver Ganni’s are so affordable if you buy pre-loved.

Panelled Dress Freedom

A panelled dress is like a mini artwork in its own right. Which means you don’t have to lift a finger when it comes the accessorising. Let colliding colours speak for themselves, and keep the rest simple. White shoes, grey socks, ok maybe you can push it with a fancy place to put your phone.

Trousers Under Slip, Genius!

Look at this absolute power move spotted at the last Copenhagen Fashion Week, bringing new life to hard-working wardrobe staples. Trousers, slip, checked blazer, tortoise sunglasses. The trick here is to keep everything neutral, with the exception of the slip, which could honestly be switched out for any below-the-knee length dress you like. If you’re considering investing in a classic blazer like this, cruise the internet for pre-loved Giorgio Armani — he basically invented it. And the eyewear? Always scan for well looked after secondhand options, they’re everywhere.