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PSA: 9 Hot Outfits to Inspire Endless Sneaker Re-Wears

As your summer pedi starts to fade, you might find yourself pushing your sandals to the side and gazing at your old fave sneakers with a new found affection. And while your relationship with your summer wardrobe is still in full bloom, you might be wondering: how does one navigate a love triangle between puff sleeve gown and dad sneaker? Can a cottagecore crop top and chunky tech sole be sartorial friends? And can I really wear gym socks on date night? Thanks to the most inspiring women we’ve met on the internet, we have the answers you’ve been longing for.

PSA: 9 Hot Outfits to Inspire Endless **Sneaker Re-Wears**

With Jeans and a Cute Top

Jeans and a cute top has never been rocket science, but stepping away from the mules and indulging in a comfy sneaker takes discipline sometimes! Go for crispy white kicks, and pair with a structured bag and romantic blazer for a slightly elevated feel.

With a Summer Dress and Blazer

That dress you bought for strolling beachside just got a new purpose. Opt for a chunky sneaker on foot (rather than sandals in hand), go tonal with handbag and linen blazer, add a bucket hat for good measure, et voilà: strolling streetside.

With a Mini Skirt and Tank

To be honest, we never considered gym socks for date night until now either. Try this slick twist on a sexy classic — mini skirt and tank — with a couple of easy pointers. The first: colour block. The black tank, skirt and bag tick the chic box, while the white socks, sneakers and cap add a fresh pop. Lastly: dust the look with your favourite jewellery. Pushing the lady-like limits of your sneakers is always a good idea.

With Sweatpants and a Bodysuit

Sweats and sneakers? Duh! But did you ever imagine the combo could look this hot? The secret is in a reliable bodysuit, which hugs where it wants to and dips where it needs to. And then the fun starts with accessories — a cropped jacket adds an element of structure, and the necklace and aviators send their own message: no gym today.

With a Puff Sleeve Dress

Wearing sneakers with a literal gown is a tough concept to grasp for anyone who hasn’t braved the look themselves. But, trust us, go for it! There are almost no rules here, except barely-there socks. Letting your ankles peep between frock and footwear is custom, but you’ve got free reign on hand bag and cute jewellery.

With an Asymmetric Skirt and Graphic Tee

An outfit formula we are hereby dubbing genius — two pieces of streetwear sliced in half with a section of glam, it works! The relaxed graphic tee tucked into a super flattering asymmetric skirt, finished off with a serious hand bag and sneakers, is beyond versatile. This is desk to dinner material, gallery hopping to grocery shopping. Basically: whatever you’re doing this weekend, do it in this.

With a Mini Dress and Mini Bag

A classic combo, that’s a cinch to pull off. Our tips? Keep things sweet and go full Miami pastel. Shades of lemon, lilac and aqua speak so well to summer, and indulge the late ’80s energy of it all. Bonus points for statement white sunglasses that demand retro attention.

With Sporty Shorts and a Puff Sleeve Crop

Hello contrast! We are so obsessed with wearing sporty shorts with everything — call it a cycling shorts hangover or a new found commitment to comfort — but the key is to pair them with some of the more romantic pieces in your wardrobe. A very cottagecore puff sleeve will absolutely do the trick, since it has nothing to do with sports. Wear the shorts high to lengthen the leg, wear the sneakers chunky to heighten the contrast, and tip your baseball cap in Bella’s direction.

With and Oversized Polo Worn as a Dress

Ok cool girl, if you insist on wearing unconventional outfits, we insite you try this. An oversized polo shirt as a dress, dad sneakers, neon socks and your go-to shoulder bag. What else? Oh not much, just that little glimmer in your eye that comes from knowing deep down that you look good in EVERYTHING.