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The Summer Moments We Can't Wait to Get Dressed For

What’s your favourite part about summer? If you ask us, it’s all the tiny firsts: the first time you’re having brunch outside (without freezing this time), the first time you actively think about getting a swimsuit, the first time you sleep with open windows, the first time you realise you should probably put on sunscreen, the first time you spot a woman on the street in sandals and nod at her appreciatively, and make a mental note to get your box of summer shoes from the basement. It’s in these tiny moments that the potential of the upcoming season is at its peak. What you wear to these occasions is of utmost importance, each moment leaving a unique imprint on the respective piece of clothing, only to trigger a wave of nostalgia for that specific stroll/sunset/boat ride every time you catch a glimpse of it in your closet. So, what we’re ultimately trying to say is: choose wisely. And to help you thinking of your potential summer moments — and what you could wear to them — here’s a little inspo, courtesy of our editorial team.

The **Summer Moments** We Can't Wait to Get Dressed For

Lake Reads

“I love the feeling of losing time while reading a book in the sun, by the lake with my bestie — suddenly it’s night-time and you haven’t looked up from your book. I want to wear (and you know me and my bestie are going to be in matching outfits): high-waisted flared jeans, a swimsuit in case I decide to take a dip in the lake, large ’70s yellow tinted glasses and SPF ALL OVER. Until then, I’m compiling my wish list of books I’m going to read and Facetiming my bestie.” — Zoe, Social Media

Holiday Strolls

“I can’t wait to finally travel, and stroll through new streets. I’m living vicariously through @annasarlvit’s recent post from Barcelona, since I was planning on going — romantic dresses, basket bags, and bucket hats in tow.” — Selin, Visual Content Coordinator

Fantasy Wedding

“Weddings! I love them! In fact, I might be the only person in the world that feels she’s not invited to ENOUGH of them (invite me to yours!!!). What’s not to love about a promising atmosphere, fancy attire and exquisite free food? Unfortunately, this summer I don’t get to attend any, but maybe this gives me the opportunity to channel my favourite bride and groom with matching cream-coloured ensembles and just a hint of psychedelic print?” — Kim, Fashion Editor

Fashion Brunch

“We all have those friends who’ll never miss a beat when it comes to appreciating our fashion efforts. The pals who will support any look, and never fail to hit reply on your new-outfit-debut Stories: ‘New hat? Looks great on you babes!’ I’m living for the day I can go to brunch with those girls — we will dress like we’re walking a couture runway, instead of just eating eggs in a sidewalk cafe.” — Jessica, Fashion Editor

Poodle Strut

“I’m looking forward to nothing more than taking my poodle to the salon and watching him turn heads as I strut around town with him afterwards. He has absolutely fallen victim to DIY bangs, and they need to be fixed ASAP. What I’ll wear for the moment: something with volume, to match his, but minimal enough to not steal his thunder. And a cap, since I'll be tending to his hair before my own. Until then, I’m Googling images of the ‘German sport clip’ and closing my eyes when I pat him.” — Hayley, Fashion Editor


“I’m just excited to get back into nature, whether by foot or bike or motorbike. It’s also a great opportunity to go unisex, match with bae and bust out the good old jeans-and-a-t-shirt combo. True wardrobe staples for any season.” — Nina, Fashion Editor
The Look

Modern Romance

Once the blossoms are out, even the most minimal dressers can’t help falling for a romantic gesture. Get ready to submit to all the feelings, and add a flurry of romance to your look.

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