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7 Ways To Wear Your Swimwear As Actual Fashion

So you’ve managed to find a swimsuit that fits like a dream — good for you! So why should the only person who gets the pleasure of seeing it be your towel-mate at the pool? Enter swimwear as fashion — a phenomenon we’ve been watching unfold on Instagram (and in our own mirrors) this season, to great delight. Once practiced, incorporating your swimwear into your looks, and thus increasing the outfit opportunities in your existing wardrobe, is easy peasy. We’ve even pulled together some inspo courtesy of the most stylish women we know on the internet. Ready? Ok!

7 Ways To Wear Your **Swimwear** As Actual Fashion

A Bandeau Bikini with White Jeans

Ease your way into swimwear as actual fashion by letting your favourite white jeans and newly acquired bandeau bikini top collaborate. Thank you @claudiabhimra for this inspo! The great thing about bandeau bikinis is that they’re often made with a little more support and cling than your basic bandeau — meaning less outfit adjustments and more fun. Pair with fine gold jewellery, leather slides, and might we suggest a basket bag?

A Deep V with Blue Jeans

Insta dream girl @thedarcysdaily makes a glam case for centering your entire outfit around such a classic swimsuit. She elevates a ribbed deep V full-piece with classic denim, chunky jewellery, chic rectangle sunglasses and a statement mini bag — which is a great thing to buy pre-owned.

A Full-Piece with Bermuda Shorts

So @claudiabhimra might just be our swimwear styling queen. This time, she pairs a super cute pastel full-piece with beautifully tailored bermuda shorts, and tops it off with a beaded necklace. For daytime strolls, a woven slip-on shoe would work perfectly — and a little heeled mule for nighttime, of course.

An Asymmetric Full-Piece with Track Pants

Giving us swimwear in the city vibes, @emelieolson effortlessly pairs a timeless asymmetric full-piece with track pants and a blazer. Classic and chic, she keeps the holiday mood at a maximum with aviator shades and easy flip flops.

A Bikini with A Button Up

We’re tempted to set this image as our out-of-office email response — it's the outfit equivalent of a holiday that includes looking at the ocean and eating delicious food. @emelieolson takes a barely buttoned up shirt and lets her bikini peep through, she tucks one side of the shirt into her shorts and effectively creates the only outfit formula we need for summer. Optional additions include a bucket hat, woven bag and flip flops — but are they truly optional when they look this good?

A Glam Suit with Sporty Shorts

A goddess of brave styling, @champagnemani makes a case for pairing a super glam swimsuit with sporty shorts — with such cool results. The textures, prints and colours do all of the work here, and Imani pulls it all together with classic jewellery and a pastel eyeshadow. Mood.

A Bikini with Cycling Shorts and a Button-Down Dress

An advanced look, but when broken down @annasarlvit’s pro styling is a fun one to replicate. Take your favourite bikini top, a pair of cycling shorts, and that ’90s button up dress you love throwing on every season. Slip on your chunky sandals, indulge in some ankle jewellery, and let the wind in your unbuttoned dress give you some swishy confidence.