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7 Wardrobe Heroes That’ll Practically Build Your Outfits For You

Cost-per-wear is no longer just an equation we use to convince ourselves we can afford something. Now it’s more of a sum of the effects our shopping habits have on the environment — and when you wear something year after year, instead of tossing it out just to buy it again, it costs the Earth (and you!) a lot less. In short: buy good things and love them forever — it’s fashion maths, baby! And where are these good things that you’ll love forever? Why, we’ve gone and found them for you of course. Behold: versatile wardrobe heroes that you’ll wear forever.

7 **Wardrobe Heroes** That’ll Practically Build Your Outfits For You

Organic White Tank

Move over diamonds, white tanks are a girl’s best friend these days. Wear with everything: denim cut-offs when it’s too hot to think, and that voluminous tiered skirt for a fancy day (or night) out. Make it last by washing cool and gentle.

Silk Midi Skirt

Season after season after season the midi skirt prevails. Wear with everything: that organic white tank of yours, or a chunky knit and blazer when the temp gets low. Make it last by washing inside out by hand with cold water, and line drying inside away from the sun.

Hoop Earrings

A go-to hoop is going to turn your least inspiring outfits into ones of moments of charming refinement. Wear with everything: if you slick back the hair, a pair of hoops can elevate anything including jeans and a tank, your easiest summer dress, even a hoodie and sweats. Take care by storing your jewellery properly, away from lengthy exposure to things like sunlight, skincare and fragrances, and even treated wood surfaces can damage your jewels over time. Wipe with anti-tarnish cloth after use, and rotate your faves.

Sporty Sandals

These might be new on your wishlist, but be sure the utilitarian fave will stick around for a long time — cos no one can argue with comfort. Wear with everything from denim to puff-sleeved dresses, and don’t be afraid to add socks next season. Take care by allowing them to air out between wears, and take to your local shoe repair for minor fixes.

Recycled White Jeans

Our risky summer favourites — because chocolate ice cream is our second summer favourite. Wear with everything: white tank, knotted silk blouse, puff-sleeve top, a hoodie and a blazer. Take care by only washing your jeans when you really really need to, this will help them keep their shape for years.

Basic Bodysuit

Once you’ve found the right body for your body, you’ll never look back. These things have the ability to turn any look into solid gold. Wear with everything: high-waisted trousers and skirts, layered with an open shirt, or under that semi-sheer slip that you don’t wear enough. Take care by treating it as your most precious lingerie — wash gently by hand or in a delicates bag, and dry flat indoors.

Black Heeled Sandals

We can’t stress enough the power and ease of a classic black sandal. Something to tie it all together, each and every time. Wear with everything: a black mini on date night, with jeans and a nice top on the weekend, with cropped pleated trousers when business calls. Take care by keeping up proper maintenance — spot clean when needed, let them air between wear, and consider resoling when things get rough.
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